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The Gospel of Water & the Spirit: The Eternal Atonement.
- Roshan Rai
The Gospel of Water & The Spirit: The very real thing of shadow of good things to come.
- Roshan Rai
Sermons on the book of Romans
- vijay santosh
We Must First Know about Our Sins to be Redeemed ( Main Episode)
- Jerry Sakala
Have you Truly been Born Again of Water and the Spirit
- Jerry Sakala
Free Christian Book Review "The Tabernacle"
- Pastor Stephen benjamin
Have you Truly been Born Again of Water and the Spirit Written By Rev. Paul C. Jong
- Pastor Jim Montgomerie
Free Christian Books on how to become Born Again by the water and the Spirit
- Phil Grahn
Book review on 'A fail-safe way for you to receive the Holy Spirit'
- Pastor Stephen benjamin
The Era of the Black Horse is drawing to an end
- Pastor Jim Montgomerie
Free Christian Books. By Rev. Paul C. Jong. Return to the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit
- Pastor Jim Montgomerie
- Roshan Rai
Free Christian book www.bjnewlife.org New Life Mission Pakistan
- Pastor Stephen benjamin
- Roshan Rai
"Thank you for writing this. "

Lawrence Bergeron, USA

The book gives insight on how Jesus was baptized with water blood and spirit and withen that action he took away the sins of the world and gave us the gift of salvation thur faith and believeing that Jesus is our Savior and king and he died for us so that we too can enter into God kingdom with the action of basptism and strong Faith and Love for him and one another, this is a very basic summery for if i would to comprise everything in this great book you wrote it would be many many pages again thank you for writing this.
Lawrence Bergeron, USA


People who have read our books have sent the following reviews. It is our hope that through them, you would all share with each other the grace of God that has enabled us to be born again of water and the Spirit.

No Subjects Country Reader's Name Touched Views Date
923 The Elementary Principles of Christ Philippines RISING LINGALING 171 581 2014-10-15
922 PRAYER TO MY ELI. Bhutan Roshan Rai 178 631 2014-10-04
921 our LORD who becomes the righteousness of God (ii) India k.s vinme kasar 193 570 2014-09-29
920 want to take this opportunity to God for this far he has taken me. Kenya phillip Mwangale Wanyama 171 529 2014-09-27
919 Life ain't waste Cameroon O. Gerarld Egbe 177 729 2014-06-18
918 what did we believ to receiv the remissiomn of sins? Zambia christopher chibale 195 701 2014-05-17
917 The remission of sin once and for all! Zambia christopher chibale 202 623 2014-05-15
916 The water,blood & the Spirit Zambia christopher chibale 202 707 2014-05-14
915 The righteousness of God Revealed in the Law and the Prophets United Kingdom Samuel Akpabio 241 862 2014-02-02
914 The Gospel of Water & the Spirit: The Eternal Atonement. Bhutan Roshan Rai 3156 69692 2014-01-27
913 The Gospel of Water & The Spirit:The very real thing of shadow of good things to come. Bhutan Roshan Rai 1933 40431 2014-01-27
912 tabernacule Tanzania, United Republic of evarita 216 736 2014-01-17
911 Jn.3:5 ( New birth in Christ, Water & Spirit) United Kingdom Samuel Akpabio 209 664 2014-01-15
910 AGRADECIMIENTOS Venezuela SAMUEL RUEDA 213 670 2013-11-30
909 The word od God is unstoppable... Nigeria Evangelist Emmanuel 232 837 2013-11-01
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