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I always commit sin and my mind is full of hatred.
Rassel Medina       ( Philippines ) 2014-12-12     Views : 854     Touched : 284
Before i became a born again i dont know about Jesus i always commit sin and my mind is full of hatred, as a matter of fact i have no faith even though i always praying and going to church, one day i ask my cousin who is born again, i found my curiosity about the bible so i decided to barrowed it. it started in genesis then i found my self more interested to read a bible then suddenly i found the book of paul c jong then i tried to read it because i see that the covered is beutiful,, haha just kidding then when i read it,i feel something in my heart and i started to cry because i read that jesus took away all of my sins when he baptist by john the baptist and crucified on the cross then after i finish the book i am eager to be baptist then it happen because of the help of my cousin. after i baptist im so happy i feel that i am free my faith today is so big that i always want to preach the gospel of water and the spirit to other people but i know this is not easy because most of the people here is so stubborn. but i know that god will always be with me no matter what happen, thank you new life mission because of the bible and the book i see the hope and the truth. thank you so much.
Rassel Medina, Philippines


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