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I read it the Holy Spirit has open the eyes of my understanding to the scriptures.
Sylvester Padi Odoi       ( Ghana ) 2014-12-26     Views : 921     Touched : 271
After all the experience of praying in Tongues , forty days of prayer and fasting , various all nights , deliverances with different Minister and Prophets l still was not free from guilt of sin in my heart. I still had problem with lust and l was not free from the power of sin. I therefore began to look for solution from the Lord to help me to get an answer to my problem of guilt and sin in my heart. I prayed and read the Bible several times but l did not get an answer to the problem of completely overcoming sin in my heart. I was one day surfing the internet when l came across the’ THE NEW LIFE MISSION’ Website and l got attracted to their books .I ordered the ‘fail free way to receive the Holy Spirit’. This book was the turning point to my hearing for the first time the true meaning of the gospel of water and of the Spirit. My understanding of the message of’ the water ‘ which is the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the Jordan river, which is the passing on to Jesus all the sins of humankind including all of my sins; past, present and future. The’ the Blood’ which is full price paid for my sins by Jesus bleeding on the Cross of Calvary. ‘The Spirit’ Which is God coming in the form of man Jesus Christ born of a virgin Mary that is God incarnate carrying away all my sins and paying the full price by His dead Burial and Resurrection on the third day for my redemption. 1 John 5:4-8, John 3:1-8.
My guilt and sin in my heart has been completely wiped away and l am clean as new born baby praise the Lord! The desire of Lust has been destroyed from my life and l can say of a certainty that I am free indeed. If the son of man shall set you free you shall be free indeed. I have also come to the realization that l now understand the bible clearly when I read it the Holy Spirit has open the eyes of my understanding to the scriptures.
I am very thankful to God for this liberty that He has given to me through the gospel of water and Blood, by the New Life Mission lead by Rev. John Shin. I am now preaching this gospel to all manner of people great and small rich and poor in Ghana. My life and ministry has never been the same ever since. Amen!
Sylvester Padi Odoi, Ghana


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