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Living in the presence of God.
Indra    [email]    ( Sri Lanka ) 2015-01-03     Views : 993     Touched : 290
To begin with let me tell you that life is like a bunch of rose.Beautiful as the flower prickly and painful as its thorns. But whatever happens in our life whether it's good or bad having an intimate conversation with the Lord always leads us to righteousness.The spiritual happiness we gain by living in the presence of God is immense. It's always important to keep it in mind that our God has a perfect plan for each one of us, giving us his love and blessings and providing the things that we truly deserve.We who are born sinners can only be redeemed by believing in the Baptism and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ that is the gospel of the water and the spirit.Most are yet unaware of this true gospel. By believing in the gospel and serving the will of the God by spreading the gospel to ones who have not yet born again we can receive the unfailing love of God.
At the sermon on the mount(Matthew 5:1-16) Jesus mentioned who will receive the blessings of God.Further in Matthew 6:1-15 our Lord taught us how he wants us to pray.As we hold onto the word of God and pray, we grow to believe in God and as we receive his answers to our prayers that we offered with faith we are even more thankful to God. I know there is a great power of prayers.
Before realizing the truth even I was trying to live according to the law trying to avoid sins. Yes, I was unaware how I did commit sins in my heart without doing anything. In this corrupted world we continue to commit sins with or without our knowledge.It is the human nature as we are born sinners.We can only be happy because our sins were taken and washed away by our savior Jesus Christ.It was of our sins he had to suffer and die on the cross.I am always grateful and thankful to God for saving me from my sins.By been born again I feel the burden which prevailed in my heart is no more and my spirit is feeling more and more comfortable.
I hope the others will also believe in the gospel of the water and the spirit and become God's own children.The books which are freely distributed by the New Life Mission provides a better insight of the Bible especially on the gospel of the water and the spirit.My hope is to distribute books among those who have not yet born again as it is my duty to serve the God.May you will receive the abundant blessings of God!


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