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We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Samuel Gidla       ( India ) 2015-01-04     Views : 1058     Touched : 299
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Greatings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I am very much happy preach the the gospel of the Water and the spirit to our church youth fellowship one of our youth Debasish chowdhury he read book 2 and he is non Christian after he read the book and he excepted Water and the Spriit he was baptized in the last week of October and another youth her name is Milli Das she read book 1 and book 2 she has excepted the water and spirit she will be baptized in the first Sunday of December 2014 her religion is Hindu she is student of women’s polytechnic collage she lives in chandannagar of Kolkata west Bengal. on seventh of November 2014 I have discussed about water and spirit he is elder of church & his church name is love Presbetian Church of Kolkata I gave him book One, On 9thNovember 2014 I have distributed books to five youth student they are Pryanka sen, sondipa sen, book No 1 and subarna Raut, santu sen and Babli Balmiki with book 2 and on 16th November Biswajit Nandi, book 1, Sumit sen book 3, and Rabinath with book 3 and on 23 november 2014 I have given book no 1 to sister Amil she is from C.P.M Penticcotal church she told she will read the book, I have explained her the meaning of of the water and the spirit water means the Baptism of Jesus and spirit His being God. and Atonement for sin in the old Testament.
I went to souther part of india that is Andhra Pradesh Rajamundry in villave purshotapally the church WME Douglas church i was given privilege to preach about water and spirit.
Samuel Gidla, India


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