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I give thanks to God for His Glory shining itís light in this manís heart.
Timothy Dundas       ( United Kingdom ) 2015-01-23     Views : 974     Touched : 276
The joy I felt in my heart as a witness and knowing the background of this text: A couple of years ago I use to preach to this man, Steven, who I was working alongside. He dismissed everything I spoke, boasting of his own righteousness above Godís, even jokingly claiming that football was his God.
Recently he was involved in an incident where he was the victim of an unprovoked vicious road-rage attack and it had a profound effect on him both physically and psychologically. H...e had time off work and came in briefly and he spoke to me about what had happened and I spoke to him about how and why God works with us in every situation to address our hearts and I preached to him. His response reflected a shift, he now exclaimed that he never did not believe in God and was a Christian. I gave him a book and I said please read it during his further time off work and he quietly said he would but when he said it, I had full faith that he would. Now, a few months later, he has text me asking if I have more books.
I give thanks to God for His Glory shining itís light in this manís heart. It is wonderful. Every person is given the opportunity to accept or reject God's righteousness. I'm looking forward to seeing him and asking him about where he stands with sin. Our job is to lead souls to the gospel of the water and the Spirit containing God's righteousness. These books contain the key to resolving sin and salvation. We should remain faithful. There is a time coming when hundreds and thousands will be running towards the co-workers to hear and grasp the gospel of water and the Spirit.
Timothy Dundas, UK


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