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Now I know the purpose of John the Baptist.
Leonard Ngcebe       ( South Africa ) 2015-01-29     Views : 1051     Touched : 275
My name is Leonard Ngcebe, I'm 40 years old. I became a Christian a few years ago and I was at peace with it. BUT I always new that something is wrong because I always thought of my sins, I wanted to study the bible as much as I can so I can understand who and what God is. In my heart I knew,even though I was a changed man who had stopped smoking and drinking,Who is now focusing on the word of God I always felt there was another higher level,I couldn't get to that level of faith, where I was I knew I'm going to hell. I had doubts/sins in my heart about my faith because there was a lot I didn't understand, it always bothered me what if what I don't know is the very same thing that will open a new era in my faith.
One day I was surfing the internet on my phone, I goodled "Bible Studies" and New Life Mission appeared, I learned that I can get a free book and I requested it. It came by post and the title of the book was HAVE YOU TRULLY BEEN BORN AGAIN OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT? Its a good question and I had to find out if I was really been born again. I always heard people saying "Be born again" I always said it myself to others but this time I really had to find out what it is to be born again. I read the book.
The book taught me that to be born again is not only to believe in Jesus's name, Jesus's Blood, Jesus's Cross. The book explained thoroughly what faith is,step by step. I didn't think Levitikus 16 in the old testament was important,I didn't even care there was a connection between The terbanacle story and the story of Jesus,the colors at the gate, Blue,Red,purple yarn,The scapegoat, I focused on the blood in the new testament and John the Baptist was just one of the people in the bible but your book revealed what I have been missing. I didn't even care to know why John was called "THE BAPTIST".
Now I know the purpose of John the Baptist,I understand that Jesus came by Water, Blood and The Spirit because all the three bear witness and everything had to made righteous by Jesus and John So that I can be righteous too. The three water,blood and spirit cannot be separated , I have also learned that I must believe that Jesus washed my sins away and I am "RIGHTOUS", Its a sin to God and I make Him a liar if i don't believe my sins have been really washed away by The water and blood of Jesus and I am righteous in His eyes,and by believing in that no sin will be in my heart. Because the sins of the world have been washed,the past,the present and the future, all washed away.
I am separated from the worldly faith. Most people believe only in the blood of Jesus. Christians also have what we call Superstition faith, but as for me I now that by praying on the mountain,believing in just only the name of Jesus without believing in His baptism and blood doesn't do much. They have no idea what Atonement is and what important role it had ,and the connection between the atonement in the old testament and in the new testament when John the baptist made the ritual by laying hands to Jesus's head. There's also case of ancestral worship,Levitikus 16 is made an excuse to worship ancestors,they slaughter goats and worship their ancestors,most churches do that.
I am separated from worldly faith, the devil will not make me believe in superstitious faith, I won't be fooled.
I am righteous. My sins have been washed away by Water and Blood of Jesus. There's a difference, its clear to me I was not a christian before but now I am and I am proud because I now understand what it is that I should believe.
Leonard Ngcebe, South Africa


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