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Religion sets the rules. But Christ, He sets you free.
Elizabeth Peter       ( Malaysia ) 2015-02-12     Views : 1097     Touched : 295
Religion sets the rules. But Christ, He sets you free. No longer are we in bondage to sin. No longer are we chained to it. For when He was baptized, He took upon Himself the weight of our sins. And when He died, He said "it is finished". Sin no longer has that power over us, believe it or not. For in Christ, all things are possible. Even if ye have little faith. For God sees the heart and not the flesh. He hears the words you keep to yourself, not the ones you want the world to hear. He knows you for who you really are, and yet He still sent His son to give up His life for you.
Being Christian doesn't make me religious as doing good deeds doesn't make me a good person. But in Christ, all my faults and failings go away. In Christ, He sees me as I am and accepts me. For when God looks at me now, He sees Christ living in me, not the person I once was. For it doesn't matter about how you start your walk with Him. It matters on how you finish it.
Elizabeth Peter, Malaysia


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