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The first time I encountered the teachings of Reverend Paul C. Jong was in 2012.
Abraham Ogbor       ( Nigeria ) 2015-02-22     Views : 970     Touched : 267
The first time I encountered the teachings of Reverend Paul C. Jong was in 2012. Before then, although I was a Christian, I often questioned my salvation. I thought to myself, “If Jesus really died for my sins, why do I still have this consciousness of sin in my heart? I must have lost my faith! What then am I supposed to do when I sin?”
These and many such questions bothered me a lot. Since all I believed in was Jesus’ vicarious suffering and death on the Cross alone, I could not find an answer that gives me a clear conscience and inner peace before God whenever I did something wrong. I couldn’t find an answer that is both logically satisfying and upholds the Truth found in God’s Word. I continued to struggle in my faith and just couldn’t enjoy my relationship with God. The frustration of having to offer continuous prayers of repentance added to the whole struggle. Thankfully, that was when I came across The Fail-Safe Way for You to Receive the Holy Spirit written by Paul C. Jong.
The truth taught in that book (and others by the same author) brought me the revelation that delivered me from an unhealthy conscience, and consequently, reassured me of eternal life with Jesus. I learned how my sins, and indeed that of all the world, were transferred to Jesus when He was baptized by John the Baptist. Though this teaching is not popular, amazingly though, it is not a new teaching either. The Old Testament sacrificial system of atonement was a prefiguration of the gospel of water and Spirit which Jesus fulfilled in His redemptive work, namely, His baptism, crucifixion and resurrection. Hence, the gospel of Water and the Spirit based on Jesus’ words at John 3:5, and which Rev. Paul C. Jong and the New Life Mission Team now help to propagate, was actually instituted by Jehovah God Himself since the Old Testament times.
Fascinated by the coherence of this teaching with the entire Bible, I came to believe it whole-heartedly and doing so has radically transformed my relationship with God. Now, when I fellowship, I do so out of a deep conviction that indeed ALL my sins – inherited sin, daily sins, future sins, all without exception – were placed upon Jesus when He was baptized by not just any man, but John the Baptist, the representative of all mankind and last human high priest. Also, I am convicted that Jesus fully suffered all the punishment for all my sins in His flesh-and-blood body, shedding His blood for my redemption and breaking the power of sin over my life. Only upon believing this truth did the verse in 2nd Corinthians 5:21 became a reality in my life.
In addition, now more than ever before, I am convinced of God’s unfailing love, outlandish grace and unending mercies. My faith in Him grows deeper by the day because I now have inner peace before Him by the knowledge that Jesus’ “baptism does now also saves”. The gospel of Water and the Spirit made it clear to me that Jesus’ baptism was just as instrumental to my salvation, as His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension are. The one would have been useless without the other. Therefore, for there to be a perfect salvation, an individual must have a complete believe in the baptism (Water) and death (blood) of Jesus Christ. Only then can the believer have “the answer of a good and clear conscience (inward cleanness and peace) before God” (1 Peter 3:21, AMP) just as many others and myself have found.
Ceaseless prayers of repentance cannot offer you this kind of peace, neither does any amount of good deeds. Only an accurate believe in Jesus’ work of atonement and perfect redemption as taught in the gospel of water and Spirit can and will offer you the kind of peace that passes human comprehension. I thank God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for teaching me this early. God bless the New Life Mission for their tireless and generous labors.
Abraham Ogbor, Nigeria


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