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This can only be realised through the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Word.
Hansen Nartey       ( United Kingdom ) 2015-08-20     Views : 617     Touched : 147
All is well in His ministry; His righteousness, found only in the gospel Water and Spirit, is wonderful beyond my expression and can only be realised through the laying down of my life, in faith of His.
This is the greatest Love of all and through His grace In my life I yearn to share the power of His influence via the Holy Spirit upon my heart. My new life.
I understand His righteousness in a clearer way as It reveals my essential deprivation, forming as only for His glory.
As a smoker, drinker, fornicator, adulterer, ultimately a blasphemer I seek the fullness of the Sons Love upon my life daily; therefore I can praise His creative work as I submit my heart before all that He reveals as so.
I have to know myself and be accepting of such through His revelation.
Please share my words for the hearing of any who believe the sin of our hearts, is our greatest contention, that no matter how much aid we sum up in our life time from this world, never will one have resolve.
One must Know yourself.
This can only be realised through the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Word; who came as our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
It is He only, who can teach us all Truth concerning ourselves, as revealed by His brightness when the Son came from the Kingdom of heaven into the Earth.
First born as Jesus, separate from our genealogy, He was baptised in the Jordan to bear the sin for Adam and his seed, children.
By the spoken Word He allowed the last High priest, John the Baptist, to transfer the sin of all mankind upon His body, then came to the cross tasting the penalty of judgement, for our fall from heaven; shedding all His blood in our stead.
This witness remains for over 2,000 years, for all truly seeking salvation.
To stand against His witness, His teachings is not only foolish, but blasphemy it self, deserving of death eternally.
One knowingly resides in the house of darkness, ever searching selfishly for rest, being witnessed to everyday of His righteousness through His marvellous Creations.
This is our self will of sin, that leaves the heart of all first born, formless void and darkening with every breath taken; secretly feeling condemned and deserving of death, with dread!
Why do the many of us say they have met Him and yet continue in such despair, outwardly showing there own righteousness? Because we are all born into the deception and sin of the first Adam, hence having misguided faith in ourselves as fallen creatures, thinking the resolve is in our genealogy.
He came to save us in His righteousness and yet one rejects it, in accordance with ones own righteousness; this is why one remains chained in the will of death.
For one to have kept the Law perfectly is the evidence the One has not succumb to the false teacher, Satan. Further more for one to insist in attempting to keep all the law, for salvation, is the evidence they are still under the sway of false teachers, being kept in darkness by the hearing of words from the pulpits of Satan's establishments via his rich servants; the evidence of not meeting the True Teacher.
Know yourself as a complete sinner; that every sinew of us is embedded in sin and will remain as such within hell for all eternity, for God has no part with sin - being deceived that one can contend with our own sinful nature, one blindly expects God can, and will do the same. No!
God spoke to Adam in His Kingdom. Sent him out that He remits his heart of all sin so he may return. Do you have sin? Then how can one return? Impossible unless the one has faith in His righteousness the gospel of Water and the Spirit.
Now is the time allotted for the True knowledge of the gospel to be in the hearing of all souls seeking the True Jesus.
Read the knowledge of Water and the Spirit in the writings freely given from the New Life Mission, and by faith begin your journey of eternal joy in His righteousness.
Hansen Nartey, UK


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