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I have today vividly remembered my first encounter with the gospel of the water and the Spirit.
George Obare       ( Kenya ) 2015-09-30     Views : 541     Touched : 133
I have today vividly remembered my first encounter with the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Having preached and layed my evil hands on unsuspecting souls for about five years, my heart became disturbed the more. I met many preachers and even prophets who prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit. But how long was I going to wait?.
One day as I searched for free online Bible studies I saw the banner " Free Christian Books". When i hit the link; so many pages came up, but the one for NLM outshone the rest. So I went through the books.
I picked on book 3 since the question of being spirit filled still was a nightmare to me. This was in the year 2011.
I placed a request for this book and within 2 weeks it was in my possession. I read it. It was interesting at the beginning but went against my thoughts as I went deep inside the book. I placed the book away from my sight.
However, due to pride I still wanted to become a coworker. This is where I met the truth. Pastor John Shin asked me several questions that even angered me at some point. The questions went like; Have you now received forgiveness of sin, explain.. Another question: Explain the baptism of Jesus in R Jordan.
I answered these questions just the way I had been taught in the sinner churches. I told pastor John how I got baptized when I believed in Jesus. I told him even the importance of 'water" baptism!. This was great ignorance indeed. I was told that am not yet born again out of my explanation!. I got hurt and repeated my former answers now adding more detailed explanations yet all these were just my own thoughts!.
I went back to reread the only book 03 in my possession. This time casting away my thoughts. I only managed to know and believe in one thing: That Jesus was baptized to take away my sins. I taught this in the then my church, but believe me, this was the last time I was in that church!.
Just like Paul C Jong puts it, it is very difficult to understand the books unless you throw away your thoughts, I came to study the books online with much curiosity. One thing that disturbed me most was that I have never heard anyone preach this gospel here!. Yet I saw the truth in it. God gave me the courage.....go and preach it!.indeed this gospel works like a dynamite!
Today; even when I ask people about the gospel, they also just answer ignorantly the way I answered Pastor John shin. Hence I feel for them passionately instructing them the same way I was.
Let us also remember the way we met the gospel and even how our thoughts fought the truth and passionately save the ignorant souls of today!.
I have met so many people who are only interested in knowing "water baptism" instead of the baptism of Jesus which is the righteousness of God.
George Obare, Kenya


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