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My Free Gift from Daddy
Oswin Gameli Adzraku     [email]    ( Ghana ) 2015-10-24     Views : 531     Touched : 134
Hello Saints

When I was first introduced to the NLM, I asked myself, "CAN THIS BE TRUE IN OUR WORLD TODAY?" To cut a very long story short, I AM Coworker today, here to spread the Gospel of Water and The Spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ. The NLM is the analogy of my Salvation story.


Actually, I was born into a very religious family in Ghana. My family "believed" in Jesus Christ. That was a wrong believe anyway because we were still sinners at that time.

In my teen years I became a young minister of the law. I vigorously preached law to the letter but later the SAME LAW exposed my adulterous and filthy heart when I impregnated I church sister. Before that time, I thought I was very good person comparing myself to others in the "church."

From that time, I begun to understand myself better and better that I was 100% a SINNER and I can't make it to heaven. The worse of all was that my fornication and filthiness increased MORE AND MORE. I was on a very high acceleration to hell.

I stopped the "church" for about three years because I knew very well I can't keep GOD'S HOLY STANDARDS.

So, when I was going to university, I prayed to God to help transform me before completing college.

God heard my prayer within 2 weeks in the university.

A Saint sister visited my hostel and ask me, "Oswin, if you died right now, where will you go? " I knew I'll go to heaven but I told her I don't know. I LIED AGAIN! She then asked me why I wasn't sure of my eternal destination.

From there, I honestly told here my life story.

From there, we became friends and one day she told me the story of Cornelius in Acts 10. That story was penned down by the Holy Spirit JUST FOR ME. HAHAHAHAHA! !!

Understanding that Cornelius was a very good man who:

1. Feared God
2. Was a devout man
3. Give alms generously
4. Prayed to God always

but sadly was not saved, I realized by the guidance of the Holy Spirit that a person's GOOD WORK or BAD WORKS CANNOT and WILL NOT save him.

I saw myself as Oswin Cornelius. When my adulterous heart was not correctly revealed to me, I thought I was a good person and that God was pleased with me. But when I was truly exposed, I thought God was mad at me.

Acts 11:14 says Peter was to tell Cornelius what to do that will save him and his household despite his GOOD WORKS.

THEN the FINISHED WORK of Christ Jesus became clearer and clearer to me AS THE SISTER IN THE SPIRIT PREACHED HIM TO ME. Abraham disqualified me without my participation as a Sinner . The same way too, the Last Adam, Christ Jesus, QUALIFIED ME without my involvement to become Righteous like He is.

My eyes opened. Wow! Jesus took my sins which was included in the sins of the world (from the beginning of creation to the end of the world ), at the River Jordan when John, our representative transfer the world's sins unto Him . Jesus took All our sins to the Cross when He paid the FULL PRICE for all . Then I am FREE FROM SIN! AM FREE! AM FREE!


Coworker Saint Oswin.


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