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Most people believe in Jesus without knowing the true gospel.
Lebogang Rasesigo       ( Botswana ) 2015-12-28     Views : 544     Touched : 142
It is true today, just as Nicodemus wasn't aware of the truth, most people believe in Jesus without knowing the true gospel. Nowadays, there are too many of us who do not know the truth about the water and the Spirit of Jesus. Some we believe in God and could cite chapter and verse proving that we are created in His image. But somehow we didnít live out the truth of those scripture passages. Moreover, there are so many people who do not accept the truth when they have a chance to hear the true gospel because they bother about who brought it to them and some believe in their doctrines. What worries a lot those are leaders. You will hear them saying I have fifty years as a pastor and you just come yesterday, you donít know anything and you want to change my church. The truth church is composed of people who have genuinely surrendered their lives to God through Jesus Christ. Thank you for your books because it simplifies the race.
What I like most is that, everyone who read the book realize that I am missing the Love God gave to me and feels a deep love for God developing and growing bigger and bigger almost each day. That is end of struggles because of repetition. And once your soul is saved you will have that anger to save other lost soul too. New disciples taught the truth of word of God and drive you to spread the Gospel making disciples. This is a true miracle of God. Whom should I thank is The New Life Mission for the good job you are doing to the lost soul and to you Rev Paul C. Jong, thank you for the race and may our Mighty Father cover you with the blood of Jesus Christ to finish the Great Commission. May God bless.
Lebogang Rasesigo, Botswana


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