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You are called upon by God as a believer to go and marry for his son Jesus .
Philip Genesis    [email]    ( Ghana ) 2016-02-07     Views : 512     Touched : 120
Genesis 24 told us about Abraham sending his eldest servant to go and fine a wife for Isaac.
Abraham represents God
Isaac represents JESUS

The eldest servant represents we believers in the water and the Spirit, who are matured in the word of God. the message is very simple. No addition or subtraction. The eldest servant was asked to hold Abraham's waist. this means we must hold our faith in Jesus our Lord and nothing else.

Rebecca represents the world we are to witness to. God has already prepared them so we must go. No hesitation. Rebecca believed in Jesus her husband immediately without listening to fresh and blood ie mother and father. we are so denomination minded that we don't want to go. the command says go. Go and tell them to believe in what Jesus came to this world to do. He is lord the spirit Philippains 2:5-10. He came to carry our sin 1 John 3:5, Matt. 3:13-15 his baptism. He came to pay for our sin with his blood ie the cross. Lev. 17: 11. Jesus came by water and blood the spirit bears witness because the spirit is the truth.

thank you and keep on doing the work of the Lord John 6:28


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