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When I first met the gospel of water and the spirit, my thoughts were very stubborn.
Pastor George Obare       ( Kenya ) 2016-04-13     Views : 847     Touched : 207
When I first met the gospel of water and the spirit, my thoughts were very stubborn. I liked some parts and ignored others. I reluctantly read the books, I kept some under my bed for several months. Yet in my heart I knew something was wrong with my faith. My heart was never filled even after attending numerous church sermons. Several pastors prayed for me to receive the holy spirit, took me to deep waters but my heart still remained empty. I had to search for the truth. I joined one WBS but the same doctrines!. I then joined another institution online, again the same teachings!. As I searched on google, I saw the banner : Free Christian books. I placed a request for book 3. The question of the in dwelling of the holy spirit was my greatest to unearth. But even after receiving this book, I read it, but my thoughts were still way stubborn!. As I continued to hunger for the truth, I came across several other books written by other pastors and read and easily accepted their teaching, but again I was still void and empty. Even though the NLM bk 3 clearly taught me sin, my thoughts still became an enemy. No wonder Jesus said that a man's enemy is a member of his own household!
Pastor John Shin tested my faith by asking some questions, but I answered as was pleasing to my thoughts!. I felt embarrassed by such questions!. Eventually he sent me book 1 & 2. Going through book 2 after book 1 opened my eyes and I had to separate from my church, me and my wife. As I read Moses' story in Acts 7:20-32, I came to realize how Moses thoughts were killed by God. Moses had learned about the Egyptians teachings while in Pharaoh's palace for 40 yrs. However, after defending his fellow Hebrew, he fled to Midian where he stayed for another 40yrs. During this time, God killed the thoughts of Moses that he had learnt in Egypt. He had forgotten his native language, and the teachings of Pharaoh and now could be used by God to save the Israelites..
The Ethiopian eunach had to deny his thoughts and political ego and easily accepted that he didn't understand what he read from the book of Isaiah; he accepted the explanation as given by apostle Phillip. If general Naaman had stuck to his thoughts, he could have died of leprosy.
Human thoughts are their greatest enemy, it is here that Satan works most to stand against God, His Word and his servants.
Had I not forsaken my thoughts, I would have missed this glorious blessings from God, destined to hell. In my thoughts, the teachings from the NLM books were biblical, but they seemed not to march with what I had learnt and heard for ages!. But glory be to God! He still kept plowing my heart with the Gospel of water and the spirit, declaring that whoever the Father has brought me will never get lost!. Ohhh! How I praise God in my soul today!
Again when I read about Jesus' birth, I came to realize how evil human thoughts is. People rejected Mary's spiritual conception simply because it has never been heard in their history!.
Dear brethren, our thoughts remains our greatest enemy, a member of our own household!. Trusting in His word even if it doesn't fit our thoughts and situations is the best we can do!
Pastor George Obare, Kenya


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