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Gospel of the water, spirit and blood
Hygeia Levy G. Salvan    [email]    ( Philippines ) 2016-10-02     Views : 678     Touched : 161
I am from Zone 2 Bonbon, Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.
I would thank the Lord for leading me to this site of Pastor Paul Jong "The New Life Mission". Way back early 2012 when I first visited the site of The New Life Mission, I read how Jesus saved us and the true salvation by believing the Gospel of the water and the Spirit...At first I was puzzled by what I had read and compared to what commonly preached in churches, it's lacking. Then, i kept reading about the Gospel of the water, spirit and the blood.Indeed it changed my faith and I am very blessed by believing in the Gospel of the water, spirit and the blood to be a genuine born again christian not physically but SPIRITUALLY I AM!

Thank you Lord Jesus for the Salvation....A drastic change in my spiritual life, indeed my family had STOP attending church because its useless to sit down and listen they absolutely teaches wrong about salvation and more on doctrines.
What we are doing with my family now, is we discuss on what we read on the books and at the same time we continueously distributing the free books to everybody we met along.

You know, it's different feeling of joy from within when you can share about the Gospel of the water and the Spirit ( a feeling of security/ spiritually assured when we die we surely go to the Kingdom of God)...

What I noticed being a born again, I never worry about problems we encounter in our lives now, we just simply thank HIM no matter bad or good for we believe everything He has a reason. We rely on Him all the way. It's just a call away God is in rescue might be YES or NO...Everyday for us is a surprise with His mercy and grace...

More instances, we prayed to HIM we need finances and never in our own effort we can produce for it hahahaha what surprised us a long lost friend of mine had a call and wants to settle her credit...We prayed for food provision, cashless at that time no where to run, after an hour we called a friend then he replied "get the 1 sack of rice here now" , then later another friend sent 5 kilos of pork meat for credit WOWWWWWWW God is good all the time HE is FAITHFUL!Never I worry things small or huge problems I entrust it all up to HIM! Always had a sound sleep with peace of mind and joyful heart and a happy soul!

I am asking the LORD JESUS to bless all the coworkers so we can spread the Good News!

Happy Born Again Christian

Hygeia Levy "Jingjing" G. Salvan


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