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Killian Afedoh    [email]    ( Ghana ) 2016-10-28     Views : 682     Touched : 159
God through His Arm(Jesus Christ) has sanctified all things and has made what is impure to be pure by grace,so that nothing is to be refused if received in thanks giving by faith.
for the law brought condemnation, it clearly brought division about things made by God so that some things are clean others not.but the Bible clearly says no one living by the law is justified(Galatians 3 vs 11),but it was said by our fathers"walk by the law and live..but the law is not base by faith.."(Galatians 3 vs 12) for it is not by our works that makes us righteous,but by faith in the word of God through believe.
see, any one who try to justified himself to be righteous by obeying the law makes God a lair of his grace. for one does nothing to be righteous else you boast by your works but only through believe in the beautiful gospel of the water and the spirit found in Jesus.For in Him we have receive GRACE upon the grace already given.(John 1:16). it is said in the Holy scriptures.."believe and have eternal life"(John 3:16). For the words you hear from us through Jesus is life..the life is spirit and light which sanctified your body,mind and soul to be Holy and righteous before God which is the Holy Spirit.so where the spirit of God dwell,sin CANNOT abide.The GRACE of God found in Jesus makes all things clean.Hallelujah!


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