" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8)

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You need to change your ways...
John Stanners    [email]    ( United Kingdom ) 2017-05-22     Views : 371     Touched : 69
GOD'S righteousness is GOD'S righteousness. It is uncreated and Eternal and cannot be destroyed. Even if no human being believed GOD'S righteousness it would still exist. It is everlasting Life. When Heaven and Earth disappear GOD'S righteousness will remain. It is sinless and absolutely eternal perfect and not false. To become something other than a sinner you need to find GOD'S righteousness. Sinlessness does not need to justify itself. Please take heart and order: "Have you truly been born again of the gospel of the water and spirit and read it over and over again until you too experience GOD'S righteousness and not man's unrepentant sinful heart. Repent of you sins the Kingdom of GOD is at hand and receive times of refreshing from the LORD!!


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