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The gospel message of the water and spirit...
John Stanners    [email]    ( United Kingdom ) 2017-05-22     Views : 254     Touched : 52
The gospel message of the water and spirit needs to be listened to for one reason. Because it is correct. I am from a Science background and in Science if appearance and essence were the same thing there would beo need for Science. I ordered and read book: "Have you truly been born again of water and the spirit?" from the Rev Paul C Jong and became truly born again by reading to the end of the book and becoming a person completely without sin in my heart. The book says we are merely masses of sins spilling sin everywhere we go. We have each been born with 12 sins etched deep within the heart. I had a guilty conscience because of my sins and realised that I was not a good person. I could only pretend to be good because of sinning in my heart. I came to the realisation that I was a sinner and couldn't do anything but sin which is contrary to GOD'S law. I was breaking GOD'S law all the time and couldn't help myself and realised from reading the Bible that the penalty for breaking the law of GOD was the penalty of death for the wages of sin is death, but then I read on and found that there was a remedy. We have to know about our sins before we can be saved and then learn that the TRUE gospel of the water and spirit has solved this grave sin problem once for all when GOD sent John the Baptist to this earth six months prior to sending Jesus Christ. Together they worked the works of GOD when John the Baptist saw Jesus Christ coming to him at the Jordan river for baptism. John the Baptist realised that he needed to be baptised by Jesus Christ but Jesus said baptise me for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness of GOD. So John consented and placed his hands n Jesus head saying: " Lo behold the Lamb of GOD who takes away the sins of the World passing the sins of the World onto Jesus head then pressed Him down under the waters of the Jordan river washing away all the sins of the entire World once for all, fulfilling all the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God once for all washing away all the World's sins once for all then carrying the sins of the World on His body to the cross and there putting them to death by dying on the cross shedding His blood and dying in our place. Three days later Jesus Christ rose again from the dead showing death had NO power over Him. GOD the Father brought Him back to Life never to die again and so anybody believing in this in their hearts can become born again as completely PERFECT people once and for all. Jesus Christ has risen from the tomb and now lives for ever more. Jesus Christ is sinless and so are all who believe in their hearts in the righteousness of GOD. The righteousness of GOD stands firms throughout all eternity. The righteousness of GOD is everlasting sinless life. The World is now sinless once for all. GOD bless the believers in the TRUE gospel of the water and spirit. May the LORD witness it to your heart. To get back to the Science the experimental evidence confirms the existence of the SINLESS PERFECTION OF GOD's salvation. In my opinion it is experimentally verifiable. It always gives perfect SINLESS RESULTS. It needs to be spread to everyone on the earth so the people can all experience the blessing of GOD'S Righteousness and not human sinfulness in the 12 sins n the heart originally born with. In the gospel of the water and spirit all sins are gone now once and for all. Every blessing.

John Stanners
Scotland UK.


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