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The difference between a spirit of divination and a Spirit of discernment
Pastor Jim Montgomerie    [email]    ( Netherlands ) 2018-03-30     Views : 336     Touched : 66
Acts 16:16-17. We can see a woman prophesying accurately, saying: Paul and Silas were servants of God! and their message accurately proclaimed the way of salvation. Acts explains that this woman had a spirit of divination and did not prophecy by the Holy Spirit. What we should be concerned about is the fact that everything she said was correct, but Paul wisely recognized she was a false prophet.

There are way too many people out there being ruled by this same spirit of divination, but thank God there are also some of us who have the Spirit of discernment like Paul, and are able to recognize them for who and what they are, false prophets.

Verses 18-24. Tells us what happens to those with the Spirit of discernment when they reveal the falsies for what they are. When you take away their source of income or fame they turn nasty. They will do everything to ridicule you, discredit you, lie about you, and silence you. Sound familiar?

Verses 25-33. But what the falsies donít understand is that God is with those He has chosen, God is the one who has given His Spirit of discernment to the chosen so they can reveal those with a spirit of divination. Only those with the Spirit of discernment will survive to proclaim the only true way of salvation.

In todayís world on the internet it is so easy to spot and reveal all the falsies like the woman at the beginning of the message. What they say and write may be correct but what they say and write is only copied and pasted from another who has the truth in them. But the real danger comes when they start to add a few bits and pieces, alter a few words and try to make it sound like their story comes from them, but you can compare this form of truth twisting with what Satan did to Eva. Satan used the truth from what God said and turned a few words around to make it sound the same, but look at the disastrous damage it caused. The truth vanished and sin entered.

This is what is happening on the internet today, way too many preachers, prophets, and Churches are all falsely proclaiming the way of salvation. A true prophet from God will do what Paul and Silas did, continue to preach the true word of God no matter what the consequences might be. Any deviation from the gospel of the water and the Spirit however small, will eventually cause it harm.

Deviation, word twisting, making something sound more attractive to the ear, are all playgrounds for Satan.

Be careful what you say and write. God is watching over His own, so is Satan.

Jim Montgomerie
Pastor & Evangelist
The New Life Mission
The Netherlands


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