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God will not tolerate Spiritual pride in His Church.
Pastor Jim Montgomerie    [email]    ( Netherlands ) 2018-06-13     Views : 431     Touched : 83
Revelation 3:14-22. Who is our Lord referring to here, He is referring to those who have been born again by the Water and the Spirit, but say that they are rich and are in need of nothing, but in truth they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.

God was rebuking the servants of the Church of Laodicea for their lukewarm faith. These servants deserved God's wrath. If any servant's faith is lukewarm before God, then He or She must make their faith clear to themselves and to God, they must choose between hot or cold. God demands that we make that choice. Just as there is a great difference between night and day, sweet or sour, wet or dry, hot or cold, so is it with the faith which God requires from his true servants who believe in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit.

Revelation 3:15. I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot.

When it comes to believing in God, there are two kinds of believers. One, those who believe that the gospel of the water and Spirit is the only true Gospel and that there is no other Gospel than this. This is the hot faith God is referring to. The other, are those who believe there are other gospels apart from the gospel of the water and the Spirit. This is the lukewarm faith God is referring to.

What other Gospel could a true servant of God possibly believe in other than the Gospel which has saved him or her? Their own man made Gospel which they say gives them the right to continue in the ways of this world because they have no sin in their heart.

A true servant of God has had all his sins removed by believing in the baptism which Jesus received from John the Baptist. This was only made possible for the servant because of the 312 statutes of the Law of Moses. By preparing the heart of the servant to be able to accept the truth of the Law for his or her life, we were able to admit to God that we were those whom He was referring to in His statutes, therefore we could become saved by the true and only gospel, the gospel of the water and the Spirit. The 613 statutes of law revealed to us who and what we were in the Eyes of God.

Only when we admitted those sins to ourselves and to God, were we able to become truly born again of the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Once we become truly born again we receive the Holy Spirit which dwells in our sinless hearts, and itís only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which can lead us to better things. Galatians 5:16-23.

We must never forget the fact that it takes a huge sacrifice to learn how to walk in the true faith. We can only learn by following in the footsteps of our forefathers, after all, they died upholding their faith. We must also make sacrifices to learn this faith, we must lose the things of this world which held us prisoner to our sins. We must learn to lay down the old and never mix it with the new. We must never allow ourselves to become like the rich servants in the Church of Laodicea. We must never allow ourselves to think we can do whatever we please in this world just because we now have a sinless heart. We must never forget, although our hearts are pure our flesh is still weak, and this weak flesh is always a playground for Satan. Because our flesh is weak we will continue to sin until the day we die, and this is why Jesus told his disciples at the foot washing, John 13:10. He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you.

The 312 Statutes of the Law of Moses still exists today, including all its penalties for the people in this world who don't know about or believe in the Gospel of the water and Spirit. If our Faith is hot then we can never mix our faith with the sins of the people who have not been saved. Strong words? Yes indeed. But there are some who think themselves so rich as to preach to their leaders, when they themselves are the wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked that God is talking about In Revelation 3:14-22.

Where the Holy Spirit lives, there can be no sin. The things of this world are still sin to God for those who think they are hot. Those who mix their true faith in the gospel of water and the Spirit with the things of this world for their own gain and self-importance are those with this lukewarm faith for which God will vomit you out.

This is the Spiritual pride which God will not tolerate in His Church.

Be blessed, and continuously thank God for the cleansing works of His gospel of the water and the Spirit.

Jim Montgomerie
Pastor & Evangelist
The New Life Mission
Holland : Branch


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