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Eric Aboadwe    [email]    ( Ghana ) 2018-06-18     Views : 492     Touched : 83
Do Christians really believe in the Bible when it says, "Behold! The LAMB of God who takes away the SIN of the world" (John 2:29)? If Christians are able to examine themselves with this passage alone very well by scrutinizing their hearts and conscience, at least many of them will admit that they don’t actually believe in the written “Word” of God. Yet they call themselves BELIEVERS. The reason for this canker is because:

(1) They do not know themselves, and neither do they understand their evil nature

(2) They do not know nor understand the LAW regarding the FORGIVENESS of SINS

(3) They do not know nor understand the reason why JESUS was BAPTIZED.

Now, if God says that JESUS is His “LAMB who takes away the SIN of the world,” what is this SIN which JESUS took away? Don't forget that when JESUS came more than 2,000 years ago, you were not even born by then. So were your SINS included or not? If your ANSWER is “YES it was included!” then you are getting there.

According to JESUS, every human being is born with twelve (12) kinds of SIN in their hearts (Mark 7:21-23). In fact Jeremiah also confirmed that these SINS are engraves on the tablets of our hearts and upon the horns of our altars (Jeremiah 17:1). And there is no surgeon who can operate the heart to see these SINS inside the heart of the “soul.” This because it is not physical, but spiritual. But the GOOD NEWS is that God said He sent His only begotten Son to “take away” these SINS.

Now if I have 12 oranges and somebody takes them away, in MATHEMATICS we say (12-12=0). That’s right! Isn’t it? Whoever says (12-12=12) is following satanic MATHEMATICS. Such people have already failed the EXAMS because they believe in false teachings being propagated by false teachers. If you are a teacher and you are telling your students that (12-12=12), then you are a LIABILITY to the school, to students and to the nation at large. After JESUS “took away” the twelve (12) kinds of SINS from our hearts, they are no more.

When we were in the in the kindergarten primary school and we were learning the basics of MATHS, the teacher will say, “One minus one is equal to zero.” But still some students found it difficult to comprehend. So the teacher will say, “One take away one is zero.” This is what we call “SUBTRACTION” which is written numerically as (1-1=0). In fact those in the kindergarten use what we call “counters” which could be a piece of wood or plastic.

Excuse me to say that spiritually speaking, some Christians seem to have a low IQ (Intelligence Quotient). The truth is always “bitter” but it is the reality. It has therefore become very necessary for us to teach the “Word” of God with fundamentals (basic facts or principles) so that the ignoramus will escape from spiritual failures. This is because God is expecting all of us to get a PASS MARK to enter Heaven, and this EXAM is not difficult all. In fact it is easier than breathing. But the Devil has made spiritual CALCULATIONS difficult for Christians because he does not want them to be “FREE” from bondage.

This explains the reason why many theologians, scholars, pastors, prophets, teachers, evangelist, etc do not still understand the “Word” of God when it says, “The LAMB of God who takes away the SIN of the World.” John the Baptist gave a witness to this, and he said “Behold,” which means “look.” But still many cannot behold or see because they have been blinded.

Such people must HUMBLE themselves and come to the Kindergarten class to get easy understanding in spiritual “SUBTRACTION” of mathematics. That’s why JESUS told the disciples, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little CHILDREN, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever HUMBLES himself as this little CHILD is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3-4).

We must understand that God has the POWER to summarize all the “SINS of the world” from plural to singular as “the SIN of the world.” That’s why Brother Genesis Philip Boadu was saying that God’s WAYS are higher than our ways, and His THOUGHTS are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). If God says that all “the SINS of the world” from Adam to the last person is “the SIN of the world” which is singular, then I want us to get our “counters” ready.

So we have one “counter” (SIN) here, but JESUS took it “away.” This means there is no more any “counter” (SIN). For example, if somebody “takes away” your phone, do you still have it with you? When a family member or loved one is dead, and he or she is “taken away” to the grave and he is buried, does the person come back and stay with you? Is he not gone forever? JESUS was baptized to “take away” your SINS upon Himself, then He died for them, and He resurrected. And now He is now sitting at the right hand of God.

So where is your SIN now? If you FAIL this time, then you are destined for destruction. It has been “taken away” by JESUS. So instead of begging God, you must give THANKS to Him for taking it “away.”

We must know that the Lord God Almighty has given us knowledge and understanding in Mathematics. When you read the TABERNACLE and its furnishings, you will see that God gave so many geometric measurements. Also when you read Exodus, Numbers, Ezekiel, Revelation etc, God gave us measurements. In other words, the Bible contains MATHEMATICS.

That’s why when Peter asked JESUS, “Lord, how often shall my brother SIN against me, and I FORGIVE him? Up to seven (7) times? JESUS said to him, “I do not say up to seven (7) times, but up to seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:21-22). In numeric form, this will be written as (70*7= 490). Here we must know that in the Bible, number “7” stands for perfection. So JESUS was telling Peter that he must “FORGIVE” his brother countless times according to the number of times his brother SINS. This is because Peter himself was “FORGIVEN” perfectly once and for all through God’s “MERCY” even though he commit so many SINS in this world.

But we must not confuse Peter “FORGIVEN” his brother many times to mean that God also “FORGIVES” us many times. There are some people who say, “Just as when you SIN against your father, you beg him for forgiveness, it is the same thing with God.” Who told you that? Where did you get that formula? Is it from God or human thoughts? God the Father and human father are not on the same level. Don’t ever make that mistake to compare a SINFUL father to the HOLY Father. A human father lives on Earth, but the divine Father lives in Heaven. The former is flesh but the latter is Spirit.

Before God can forgive your SIN, He said, “...Without shedding of BLOOD there is no REMISSION (forgiveness)” (Hebrews 9:22). So when you sinned against your earthly father, did he require “BLOOD” from you? As a human, when somebody sin against you, do you require or demand “BLOOD” from the person? But God said He can never “FORGIVE” sin without “BLOOD.” So when you come to God to beg for remission of sins, God says, “Where is the BLOOD?”

What will be you response? Are you going to tell God by saying, “JESUS shed His BLOOD already for me?” If you say this to God, then He will also tell you, “If you believe that JESUS shed His BLOOD already for you, then you must also believe that I have FORGIVEN you already. I cannot FORGIVE you without BLOOD. Therefore If you believe that JESUS shed His BLOOD for you ONCE, then I have also FORGIVEN you ONCE. This is according to My WAY, not your way. If you can’t deny yourself, don’t come to Me.”

JESUS CHRIST was born “ONCE,” and He was baptized “ONCE” to take our SINS on His body, and He died “ONCE” on the Cross by declaring “IT IS FINISHED” (John 19:30). This is the reason why the Holy Bible says that, “By that will we have been SANCTIFIED through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ ONCE and for all” (Hebrews 10:10). Then God added, “By one offering, He has PERFECTED forever those who are being SANCTIFIED” (Hebrews 10:14).

The reason why many Christians are praying every day to be “SANCTIFIED” is because they believe that (1-1=1). So even though JESUS paid the “DEBT,” they claim it is still unpaid. This is not from the Lord of Hosts, but it is from Satan who teaches wrong mathematics? Where is the SIN for which you are asking God to “FORGIVE” you when it has already been “taken away” by JESUS CHRIST?. So instead of begging God, you must give THANKS to Him for taking it “away.” If he has taken it “ONCE,” will the merciful God find it difficult to forgive you “ONCE?!

Christians are fond of praying and singing, “He paid the DEBT I did not owe, I owe the DEBT I could not pay, I needed someone to wash my SINS away. Now I can sing a brand new song amazing GRACE. Lord Jesus paid the DEBT that I could never pay.” Those who say these things and ask God to pay their DEBT again do not understand spiritual mathematics. Therefore they are on the “broad way” which leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13).


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