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Samuel Akpabio    [email]    ( United Kingdom ) 2018-11-25     Views : 215     Touched : 62
SANCTIFICATION:- This word I believe has been adulterated by many in teaching the doctrine of God in the holy scripture; SOME CLAIM IT IS A CONTINOUS PROCESS OF BEING MADE HOLY BY GOD; BUT I DISAGREE:-

The bible definition of SANCTIFICATION is " THE STATE OF PROPER FUNCTIONING." To sanctify someone or something is to set that person or thing apart for the use intended by his/its designer.

The Greek word translated; "SANCTIFICATION" ( hagiasmos) means holiness; To sanctify means to make holy.

Isa.11:44-45, clearly show that God commanded the children of Israel to be holy because he is holy. So he sanctified, set them apart above all nations to serve him in holiness by giving them instructions of what they must do to remain holy in his sight. We could not live in the first Adam because it is death, separation from God because of sins; But we have to live in Jesus Christ, the second Adam before God in the heart in the faith of the righteousness of God according to Jn.3:5; believing in the washing away of out past, present and futures sins in the baptism of Jesus by the laying on of hands of John the Baptist upon the head of Jesus to transfer the 12 sins common to all of the mankind conscience to Jesus in his baptism to cut away all the sins from the mankind, remission of sins from the heart, the inner-man, when we believe the gospel of water and the Spirit, the righteousness of God to give us eternal salvation from our sins; The baptism of Jesus was thus fitting to fulfil all the righteousness of God contained in the Law and the Prophets; Matt.3:13-15. This is the faith that enables believers to enter into the kingdom of God; Jn.3:5 and to be set apart to serve God. This happens instantly and with all the promises of God when we believe in the works of his only begotten son Jesus the Christ who came by water and blood; not water only but water and blood; 1 jN.5:1-8, his baptism and his blood on the cross that was shed for the final redemption of the mankind for he is our redeemer, he is the atonement for sins for all who were here and no more, all that are here and all that are to come into this world. Therefore, Jesus is to be seen as the second Adam.

We cannot talk of gradual sanctification and I have not seen anywhere in the bible where the Epistles have taught on gradual sanctification. I do agree that the commandments of God calls on all believers not to defile their bodies through the lust of the flesh and of the eyes, and the pride of life. The commandments are necessary to enable believers to reject these lust so that our faith are not dampened so as not to frustrate the grace of God because the Holy Spirit is the sanctifier, He has the responsibility to set believers apart to serve our Holy and righteous God. I believe the reason for this sanctification is the circumcision of the heart when we believe and understand and the gospel of Water and the Spirit.

The Holy Ghost is the overseer of the body of Christ, the holy universal church of God. Jesus baptises all believers with the Holy Ghost and Fire to make believers holy and righteous to walk in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The Holy Ghost is not given gradually to believers; He is the Sanctifier, this is his work, to set believers apart to God when we believe. Hence without the indwelling Holy Spirit, there is no sanctification. The following scriptures are the proofs we require:- 1Cor.1:30; 1 Thess.4:3-4; 2 Thess.2:13 and 1 Pet.1:2.



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