FAQ on the Christian Faith

FAQ on the Christian Faith

  • What does the Holy Spirit do at this time?
  • The Holy Spirit at this time clearly does the work of discerning the true teachings from the false in the word of God. He preaches the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which the Lord gave us, to souls who are dying due to iniquity in this time of confusion, in order to save them.

    We should know that there are many false prophets working inside Christianity today throughout the world. Even though they have sin in their hearts, they are still doing wrong: speaking in tongues, performing false wonders, and having visions. To the confused souls of this age, the Holy Spirit, "the Helper" convicts the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment (John 16:8).

    First of all, the Spirit of truth convicts mankind of sin. Sin in the sight of God is not to believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit that God gave us. He convicts those who don't believe in the beautiful gospel of Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist and His blood on the Cross, warning them that they are sinners destined for Hell.

    He also bears witness to God's righteousness. Here the meaning of God's righteousness is that God sent Jesus into this world in the appearance of a man in order for Him to accept all the sins of the world. He helps people who believe in Jesus receive the forgiveness of sin by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. He also warns that those who don't obey the true gospel despite knowing the will of God will later be judged for their sins.

    In the beginning, when God created the world with His word, the Holy Spirit worked with Him and later shone the light of the truth on the empty and confused hearts of mankind in order to illuminate the gospel of the water and the Spirit (Genesis 1:2-3). Thus the Holy Spirit enlightens the confused souls of this age of their sins, on God's righteousness and on the judgment for their sins.

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