FAQ on the Christian Faith

FAQ on the Christian Faith

  • What is Babylon?
  • The word Babylon is used in the Bible to refer to this world that has parted from God. In the Old Testament, the story of the "Tower of Babel" can be found. As people garnering together their power sought to build the Tower of Babel to leave God, God prevented them from building the Tower, brought it down, confused their language, and scattered them around.

    Likewise, this world is like the time of the Babel Tower. The kings of the earth have fornicated and lived in luxury with the things of this world, and all the merchants have ignored God in their lives, too busy selling and buying everything that He has given them. Using religion, the false prophets have lived their lives while talking loud, turning themselves into merchants who trade in people's souls, and amassing a fortune with the material possessions of this world. They have loved the world, saying that no world built by the mankind thus far has ever been better than the present one.

    Like this, when the end times comes, this world would be so filthy before God and sin would be so widespread in it that God would have no choice but to bring down the world that He Himself made. Loving the world too much, the people of this world have regarded it as their God, believing and following it as such. This world has thus become a hotbed of sin, the people living in this hotbed of sin have become drunk in all kinds of sin, and these sins therefore have resulted in the fall of the world. The earth will therefore face its final demise brought by the plagues of the seven bowls of God.

    Another reason why this world would face the plagues of the seven bowls from God is because its people, as they love the world, have turned into the servants of Satan and the Antichrist, and uniting their effort with the Antichrist, they have murdered the born-again saints who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit given by the Lord.

    When the end times come, people would surrender to the Antichrist, receive the mark of Satan given by him, and thus turn into the servants of the evil one. Because the people of this world, conspiring with the Antichrist, have stood against God and murdered His saints, God would pay them back just as they had brought persecution, suffering, tribulation, and death to the saints.

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