Biblical Terms

Brief Explanations of Some Biblical Terms
- Associated with the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit

  • Jesus Christ
  • JESUS: 'The Savior who saved all people from their sins and the punishment for those sins.' Jesus refers to the Savior, the One who has saved all people from their sins.

    CHRIST: 'The Anointed.' There were three kinds of persons in vocational posts who had to be anointed before God: (1) kings, (2) prophets and (3) priests. Jesus fulfilled all of them.

    Jesus Christ was all of these. He did the work of all of these. We have to believe in Jesus as the King, the Prophet, and the Priest who brought us redemption and salvation. Thus, we come to call Him 'Jesus Christ.' He was the heavenly High Priest who saved us from all the sins of the world with His baptism and blood.

    Therefore, He is the King of all who believe in Him. He makes us realize our sins when we come before Him. He taught us that we are sinners from the time of our ancestors; that as the descendants of sinners, we were born sinners, and as a result, we are under the judgment of God.

    He also taught us that we are washed of our sins through His baptism and blood. He did all these works for us sinners.

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