Biblical Terms

Brief Explanations of Some Biblical Terms
- Associated with the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit

  • God's Law: the Ten Commandments
  • There are 613 articles of laws in God's Law concerning everyday life. But the gist of it is the Ten Commandments, which we have to keep before God. There are orders and prohibitions such as "Do this" and "Don't do that." These are the guidelines to live by, and the Commandments of God were given to us so that we might realize our sins. Through the written commandments of God, we can recognize how much we disobey Him (Romans 3:19-20).

    The reason God gave us His commandments was to make us realize our sins. We can never keep all His commandments, so we must humbly accept the fact that we are sinners before we believe in Jesus. We are all sinners and God knows that we can never live according to His Law. So, He came down to this world as a man, was baptized and judged on the Cross. Trying to live by His commandments is the sin of arrogance. We shouldn't do that.

    The Law shows us how perfect and holy God is, as well as how weak we human beings truly are. In other words, the holiness and perfection of God is revealed in the Law of God.

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