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Dan bawtsiapa khang, Martarte hun, Rapture leh Kumsang Lenggam ang tung ei? ( I )
- Kihilna Laibu hilchetna leh Sermonte

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Kihilna Laibu hilchetna leh Sermonte


After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, traffic to "www.raptureready.com," an Internet site providing information on the end times, is reported to have increased to over 8 million hits, and according to a joint survey by CNN and TIME, over 59% of the Americans now believe in apocalyptic eschatology.
Responding to such demands of the time, the author provides a clear exposition of the key themes of the Book of Revelation, including the coming Antichrist, the martyrdom of the saints and their rapture, the Millennial Kingdom, and the New Heaven and Earth-all in the context of the whole Scripture and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
This book provides verse-by-verse commentaries on the Book of Revelation supplemented by the author's detailed sermons. Anyone who reads this book will come to grasp all the plans that God has in store for this world.
Now is the time for you to recognize the absolute need to believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, so that you may gain the wisdom that can deliver you from all the trials and tribulations of the end times. With these two books, and by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, you will be able to overcome all the trials and tribulations prophesied in Revelation.

Asunkhiete apat

The author has been preaching the gospel of the water and the Spirit to the lost souls of the world for nearly two decades now.
The founder of The New Life Mission, he is presently fostering many disciples of Jesus at The New Life Mission School.
Having established mission-oriented churches, he is spreading the gospel through his written works.
His books have now been translated and are read in over 50 major languages of the world.

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