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The gospel of the water and the Spirit is God's righteousness!

The words in this book will satisfy the thirst in your heart. Today's Christians continue to live while not knowing the true solution to the actual sins that they are committing daily. Do you know what God's righteousness is? I hope that you will ask yourself this question and believe in God's righteousness, which is revealed in this book.
God's righteousness has been with the gospel of the water and the Spirit. However, like a precious treasure, it has been kept hidden from the eyes of religious followers for a long time. As a result, many people came to rely on and boast of their own righteousness instead of believing in God's righteousness. Therefore, Christian doctrines that don't even make sense came to be dominant beliefs in the hearts of believers, as if these doctrines contained God's righteousness.
The Doctrines of Predestination, Justification, and Incremental Sanctification are the major Christian doctrines, which brought confusion and emptiness into the souls of believers. But now, many Christians should newly come to know God, learn about His righteousness and continue in the assured faith.
"Our Lord who becomes the righteousness of God" will provide your soul with a great understanding and lead it to peace. The author wants you to possess the blessing of knowing God's righteousness. May God's blessing be with you!

The author of this book is the founder of The New Life Mission and has been preaching the words of the water and the Spirit, which contains God's righteousness, to the whole world. His works, which have presently been translated into 50 major languages, are being distributed to over 150 countries. All people throughout the world can receive the great blessing of obtaining God's righteousness through God's word, which Reverend Jong preaches with his fellow workers. Why not receive the remission of sins and prepare for your eternal life by believing in God's words through the teachings in this book?

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