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Kha Siangtho Ngah Theih Na Ding Lampi Hoih


A Sunga, Om Thute

Khen Khatna - Thuhilhnate
  1. Kha Siangtho in Pasian’ Hongciam Kammal tawh Na Sem hi (Sawltak1:4-8)

  2. Mikhat in Ama’Hanciamna Tawh Kha Siangtho A lei thei ding hiam? (Sawltak 8:14-24)

  3. Jesuh na up ciangin Kha Siangtho Na ngah hiam? (Sawltak 19:1-3)

  4. Jesuh’ Nungzuite’ Upna a nei Mite (Sawltak 3:19)

  5. Kha Siangtho tawh Kipawlna na Ngah Nuam hiam? (1 Johan 1:1-10)

  6. Na Sungah Kha Siangtho Hong Tenna Um in (Matthai 25:1-12)

  7. Na Lungtang sungah Kha Siangtho’ tawh Kidimna hong pia Lungdamna Thu (Isaiah 9:6-7)

  8. Kua Tungtawnin Kha Siangtho’ Nuntakna Tui Luang ahi hiam? (Johan 7:37-38)

  9. Eite hong Siangsak Jesuh’ Tuiphumna’ Lungdamna Thu (Efesa 2:14-22)

  10. Kha Siangtho twah Tonkhawm in! (Galati 5:16-26, 6:6-18)

  11. Kha Siangtho tawh akidim Nuntakna Ngah nang (Efesa 5:6-18)

  12. Kha Siangtho tawh Kidim in na Nuntak nang (Titus 3:1-8)

  13. Kha Siangtho’ Nasepnate leh Letsongte (Johan 16:5-11)

  14. Kha Siangtho hong Ngahsak Kisikkikna taktak in bang ahi hiam? (Sawltak 2:38)

  15. Thuman thutak na theih ciangbek in Kha Siangtho Ngah in Amah hong Teng thei pan ding hi (Johan 8:31-36)

  16. Kha Siangtho a Ngahsa khempeuhte’ nasep (Isaiah 61:1-11)

  17. Eite in Kha Siangtho hangin Upna leh Lametna i nei hi (Rom 8:16-25)

  18. Kha Siangtho’ tawh Kidimna hong pia Thuman (Joshua 4:23)

  19. Biakinn Dalna a Keksak Lungdamna Thu (Matthai 27:45-54)

  20. Kha Siangtho’ tawh Kisimna a Ngahsate in Midangte zong Kha Siangtho a Ngah sak uh hi (Johan 20:21-23)

Khen Nihna - Behlapna
  1. Hotkhiatna Teci Panna

  2. Dotnate leh Dawnnate

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