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The true gospel
Gilbert Kithinji    [email]   ( Kenya ) 2011-10-17     Views : 1241     touched : 320
Greetings to my fellow believers in the genuine gospel given by our Lord Jesus Christ.
This gospel of water and spirit is a great blessing indeed.What a treasure which is hidden in a field. If anyone realizes its worth,he would sell everything for it.He would sell all his property and use the proceeds to buy that field containing this treasure.
I would like to say that prior to encountering this beautiful gospel, I was steeped in religious,spiritual quagmire trying to find the righteousness of God but all in vain in the wrong places.Such predicament consisted of following false doctrines such as,flawed faith(faith in the blood of Jesus only), deliverance, sanctification and reformation and religious rituals such as prayers of repentance, church attendance and activities, keeping the law,and fasting;to fill the emptiness of my spiritual life.I n the process of all these, I was moving from one religious outfit(denomination) to another in such of this elusive righteousness.
This quagmire climaxed when I made an accidental discovery when I saw a certain book called. "Return to the gospel of water and spirit" at first at my kin's residence and later on the first volume,"Have you been born of water and spirit" given by a certain friend. When I finished reading these volumes, I was fully delivered from following the law and my clarity of salvation was attained and I was born again of water and spirit.I then knew that the purpose of the law was to point out our sins and that Jesus assumed the responsibility of our sins by being baptized by John the baptist.I
used to have such a nagging question in my heart concerning how He became sin for me, even though He was sinless and died for my sins.I am now grateful to God that I found the answer.I have received the Holy Spirit as evidenced by the peace,tranquil and joy that I have and ultimately the righteousness of God I was so desperately seeking.
I have since rooted out, pulled down,destroyed and thrown down the flawed faith with its doctrines and practices.I am now building and planting the flawless, perfect, complete,clear and strong faith in this genuine gospel through the continuous study of the publications and their distribution with encouraging comments from readers.There can be no effective kingdom living or advancement without complete remission of sin and no ministry or minister is legitimate without the gospel of water and spirit.Let us build our faith not on the sand of time but on the unshakable rock of the gospel of water and spirit, the righteousness of God.There is no other way to obtain redemption;I know not one.
It is unfortunate that many are trying to achieve or establish their righteousness of filthy rags with their own strength rather than relying on the finished work of our Lord Jesus.Today professing believers in Jesus need to know what the gospel of water and spirit is and cast away fables, tales and doctrines of demons and other gospels, which have no capacity or power to address the problem of sin.Grace and peace to you all.Amen


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