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are you now living as the object of God's affection
william ojal    [email]   ( Kenya ) 2011-11-05     Views : 1247     touched : 332
I have been reading the books on the gospel of the water, blood and spirit, and they have been a help and showed me that its not just about knowing the gospel and keeping it under my bed, i have to let the light shine. this book has helped me as have the other books, when despair and hardships cloud my heart, the books remind me of the gospel washing my problems inside the true KING and GOD. receiving his blessing, peace and grace.
I had a situation a while back, but the advice that i got from the gospel books really saved my neck. God has also been faithful to my country kenya, the saints are springing up like fresh grass after a good rainfall, now its our chance to feed africa.
keep up the good work no matter what the enemies of the gospel say.


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