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Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit.( book)
Pastor Babar Jamil    [email]   ( Pakistan ) 2011-12-30     Views : 1197     touched : 314
Rev. Paul C. Jong for bringing the true gospel more clearly to the readers of his book, “Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit.” What I understand from this book, which is the right understanding of God’s righteousness, is that the baptism of Jesus and the Cross. Both of them have to go together to bring the complete requirement for our salvation. The baptism of Jesus (water), which was received from John the Baptist who represent the whole of mankind, took the sin of all mankind on His head by going through the baptism (in form of laying on of hands), and then taking them to the Cross to get judgment for them all since taking the sins upon Himself. So if I didn’t accept His baptism, which was what lead Him to the Cross, my salvation cannot be complete, no matter how perfect the victory of Christ on the Cross would be.That's nice message for all world.We can learn more from this book,very powerful book.New Life mission is great work for God's people


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