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Snatched from Hell by Heaven
William Hagan    [email]   ( United States of America ) 2012-02-10     Views : 1242     touched : 332
My salvation began in 1986 when I was introduced to Jesus Christ by my brother. As he laid on his hospital bed dying of heart disease. I was truly amazed that this saviour he spoke of was so important that my brother. That he wanted me to read the book of Matthew in the New Testament. And he said that would introduce me to Jesus.

The reason this was so important to him was because I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and my life was in free fall to hell ! So I took his Bible and in my moments of clarity I began reading about this Jesus he spoke about. I came to realize that I was in real trouble. Not just in mortal form but more seriously my spirit was going to end up in the fire of hell if I didn't change asap. At that point I did something I'd never done before; I prayed to God. I'll never forget that prayer in my lifetime.I spent what seemed like hours kneeling.The only prayer I knew was the Lords Prayer so I said it and at the end I said Jesus hear me, please.

Well nothing earth shattering happened. But in less than a month I met a man that was in a twelve step group and he told it was based on a Higher Power removing the obsession to use drugs and alcohol. I started going to these meetings and when I completely lost the desire to use. I began studying the red letter KJV bible I went out and purchased. Since then I've read and studied the Bible many times. Truly God did for me what I could'nt do for myself.

Today my life is wonderful ! I've been married for 25 years, have two sons and two grandsons. But the greatest gift I've ever received was when I was mailed a copy of Water and the Spirit. I know now that I've truly been born again when I read the first 2 books and realized I have eternal life. I've also been blessed with the opportunity to introduce my wife and dear friends to the water and Spirit.

Wm. Hagan



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