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The Elementary Principles Of Christ Review
   ( United States of America ) 2012-03-20     Views : 1272     touched : 334
I read The Elementary Principles Of Christ by Paul C. Jong yesterday. It's a quick and easy read. The book explains the Apostles' Creed.

There are three parts to the book. It explains what it means to believe in God as in the first part of the Apostles' Creed. The second part of the book is about faith in Jesus. And the last part of the book is about the Holy Spirit.

Coming from the point of view the book states that one is saved as long as one believes that you are born again by accepting the gospel of the water and the Spirit. That is to say that you accept that the baptism of Jesus washed away all sins and that the spilling of the blood on the cross was the affirmation of that truth.

I found the book to be informative. It's written nice and clear. I hate when religious writing is hard to understand. The author is Paul C. Jong who founded New Life Mission.


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