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Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit?
Aneka Simons    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2012-05-19     Views : 1417     touched : 340
Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit?

Praise be to God, for letting there be light in the hearts of sinners, who were inherently without form and void, covered by the darkness of sin & deception.
I thank God, through Jesus Christ for revealing the true knowledge of salvation through the gospel of the Water and the Spirit.
The book, ‘Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit?’ Reveals the righteousness of God, that permits grave sinners to be saved, by faith. This love of God was given to us, completly void of our own will. The gospel of the Water and the Spirit is the fulfilled promise of God for us, that we ‘might serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life’. (Luke 1:75)

‘For the Law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ’ (John 1:17). God gave us the law to make us realize our sins and return to Him & be redeemed.
‘By the law is the knowledge of sin’ (Romans 3:20). God gave us the law to make us realize that we are grave sinners before Him who are too weak to obey His law. We should all end up in hell according to His law.
God does not want us struggle against His Holy law in arrogance. He wants us to admit our sinful state that is void of ‘goodness’ and be redeemed through His true goodness, the salvation of the Water and the Spirit, ‘grace and truth came through Jesus christ’.
Though the Word, God made us ‘know ourselves’ (Mark 7:8-9, 20-23.) Only through knowing ourselves, do we see the need to be completly covered by Gods righteousness, which saved us.
The book, ‘Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Sprit?’ Reveals exaclty how Jesus saved us, who were incapable of saving ourselves. The Spiritual knowledge in this book reveals how ‘Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures’, how the shadow of our salvation in the Old Testament was fulfilled, once & for all, in the New Testament.
‘Search from the book of the Lord and read; not one of these shall fail’ not one shall lack her mate. For my mouth has commanded it, and His Spirit has gathered them’. (Isaiah 34:16)

The Son of God came in the flesh of man to fulfill the righteousness of God, in taking away the sin of the world. Jesus recieved baptism from the high Priest, John the baptist ( in the form of the laying on of hands- Leviticus 16:21) in order to bear upon His body the sin of the world, as the sacrifical lamb of atonement. Having borne all our sins through His baptism, Jesus died on the cross shedding His precious blood to pay the wages for all our sins (Past, present & future).
Having resurected on the third day, God brought to life, sinners, ‘who were dead in trespasses and sins’. Jesus saved us by ‘Water, blood and the Spirit’ ( 1 John 5:6-8) Just as it was prophesized, so was it fulfilled!

Praise be to God our Father & the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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