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Aneka    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2012-06-29     Views : 1290     touched : 348
Praise be to God our Father & our Lord Jesus Christ for saving us according to Word of promise.
The gospel of the Water and the Spirit is what every soul must return to in their hearts inorder to live according to the will God & bear the fruit of righteousness by faith.
The original gospel of being born again of Water and the Spirit is the justice & love of God, which made all of us who were born in the darkness of sin, be able to stand before God with a sinless heart by faith. By believing that all our sins were passed onto the body of Jesus through His baptism from John the baptist (Leviticus 16-21-Matthew 3:15), we can now praise God, rejoice & live to the glory of His Name. Thanks be to God for our Return to the gospel of the Water and the Spirit !
‘Return to the gospel of the Water and the Spirit’ brings to light, the pseudo christians & heretics within christanity who have sin in their heart while believing in Jesus.
Jesus took away all sin through his baptism but heretics refuse to believe in the true gospel that brings salvation to sinners & thus condemn themselves to join the ranks of sinners. All have to know & believe in the gospel of the Water and the Spirit to avoid commiting heresy before God. The baptism of Jesus makes all sinners, righteous by cutting off our sins, which the Bible tells us is the true spiritual circumcision. (Romans 2:29)
‘Return to the gospel of the Water and the Spirit’ also reveals how to make a true & correct confession of sin which leads us to the correct starting point of our salvation.
All those who believe in Jesus but are not yet born again should confess before God, ‘Lord, I was born a sinner from birth & I cannot help but sin till the day I die. I should be thrown into hell. For this reason I want to believe in Jesus who came by Water, blood & the Spirit & became my Savior’.
The righteous must also confess, ‘I cannot help but sin all my life. I believe the wages of sin is death and nothing except the baptism of Jesus & His blood could wash away all my sins. I believe that Jesus washed away all my sins 2000 years ago’.
If people are not obedient to Gods will, then they are nothing more than the beasts which are destined to perish. But God chose all sinners in Jesus to save us, so that those who know their sinful nature, deny their own thoughts & believe in Gods righteousness, can be saved.
‘Their sins & their lawless deeds I will remember no more. Now where there is remission of these, there is no longer an offering for sin’ (Hebrews 10:17,18) The truth is always simple once we understand it. To obtain redemption is easier than breathing all you have to do is believe the Word as it is. Deny your own thoughts & return to the gospel of the Water & the Spirit by faith.
Praise, glory & thanks to God.


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