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The ineffable remission of sins
Gerarld O. Egbe    [email]   ( Cameroon ) 2012-07-30     Views : 1251     touched : 312
Remember the Holy Scriptures tells you and I in the New Testament Book of Matthew chapter 10 and verse 8 (Matthew 10:8) "freely you have received, freely give" you'd be convinced henceforth that all, I mean from start t finish has already been done by the Almighty God but each one of us is yet to manifest it into reality b being born again of water and the Spirit.

According to the Holy Scriptures as in 1 Thessalonians chapter 1 and verse 5 you and I should have found that there's nothing apart from the truth in this Gospel of Jesus's baptism by the Last High Priest John the Baptist at the Red sea on the Jordan River and His shedding of His blood on the cross and later His resurrection from dead has been the penalty that He took for us to make Heaven. There's nothing else beyond this revelation.

It has been an insightful though thought-provoking reading as I could clearly see the Apostles views as they preached about the baptism of Jesus through to His dead and eventually His resurrection. The one thing I did accomplish is the understanding about the scare of the devil toward the born again Christian with faith in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit. What a realization knowing that the devil with all its capabilities can never stand firm against the servant of the King of Kings and the Holy God with faith in His baptism and blood.

Nevertheless, amid fiefdom some of His disciples continued steadfastly preaching the correct faith of His baptism and blood which writes you and I sinless before the Maestro. The struggle from sin has definitely reached a hallmark and must individually accept this coined knowledge about becoming a born again person with His water and blood as enumerated in the sermons of the book.

It's mandatory for us to believe as it is written from the Old Testament to the New Testament and not vice versa. Firstly, God in His infinite route prepared John the Baptist before Jesus Christ wheras the High Priest Aaron had to atone once for all the sins, the yearly sins, of all the Isrealites on the tenth day of the seventh month as it is written in the Old Testament scriptures; prior to the baptism of Jesus Christ at the Jordan river by John. It's not soley the believe of the baptism of Jesus which is a replica of the atonement of sins in the days of the Isrealites, but a thorough and stack understanding of the remission of sins by Aaron via the baptism of Jesus and His blood which makes you born again.

Kudos, many thanks Rev. Paul C. Jong, thank you Jesus!


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