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MAIN EPISODE-We must first know about our sins to be redeem
Bro.K.L.Devadas, Evangelist    [email]   ( India ) 2012-11-18     Views : 1079     touched : 316
Very Good Episode.Touches hearts and thoughts.I request you sirs this episode may be released in local languages,will bring blessings to many.I would like to Receive Books Literature to Read and Distribute.This is my Mailing Address----
Bro.K.L.Devadas, Evangelist.H.No.3-85,
P.O.& Village: YELLAMULA-PIN: 506201
Mandal:Jangaon, District Warangal,
Andhrapradesh, INDIA
Thank you sirs I Will BE praying ForYOu AND All There.K.L.Devadas.Evangelist


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