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The Elementary Principles of Christ
Pst. Chiwuike    [email]   ( Nigeria ) 2013-02-07     Views : 1026     touched : 301
This book: The Elementary Principles of Christ, actually contains the elements of truth in the bible. The analysis of the apostles creed (confession of faith in the father, son and the holy Spirit) is inspiring.

I understood from this book, that Jesus is God who incarnated Himself into a man to save us. No matter how human beings have no righteousness and no matter how many sins committed. If we realize and believe that Jesus fulfilled all righteousness by taken upon our sins with His baptism and paid for ours sins with His blood. That we can all be saved from all our sins.

Furthermore, no matter how ardently we give prayer of repentance, leaving the word of God aside, cannot enable us enter heaven. The remission of sin received not from God's word of being born again of water and the Spirit is not salvation.


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