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The Relationship Between The Ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2013-02-15     Views : 1098     touched : 307
The essence of this review is to show that John the Baptist was the Messenger of God acording to the will of our Father in Heaven. Primarilly to assume the office of the last high Prist of the old Testament to fulfil once and for all the offering for the Atonement for sin, to pass the sins of the world to our Lord Jesus and to close the old Testament Era so that our Lord Jesus was to open the New Testament Era. Therefore, by Our Father's will, and the agreement of the Goghead John was the messenger of God sent to fulfil the Aaronic office of the High priest to offer the righteous sacrifice, Jesus Christ the Son of God, an ATONEMENT for the sins of the mankind once and for all.

The office of the High priest was given to Aaron by God. Also John the Baptist, the son of Zacharias, one of the priest from the division of Abijah. We can see here that John's father was from the division of Abijah. Zacharias was one of the grandsons of Aaron the high priest. By the division of Abijah, his descendants which is the descendant of Aaron the High Priest. Aaron's descendants preformed thier duties in the temple as High priest and some as common priests. God had given this ministry of serving as priests only to the descendant of Aaron. The evidence of this can be found in 1 Chronicles 24:1-19.There is no doubt here that God sent John the Baptist to be the last prophet and High Priest of the Old Testament period to fulfil all the righteousness of God in the Law and the prophets, and to close the old Testament period for the Lord to begin the New Testament period according to the will of God.

The question now is, What was the Day of Atonement all about. The answer to this can only be none other than the day in which the High Priest was to offer the yearly sacrifice for the remission of the sins of the nation of Israel. This scene is described in Leviticus 16:29-34. On reading this passage of the bible, we must note that it begins by saying, " This shall be a statute forever for you." We believe that the word of God is truth and does not change. therefore, if the Old Testament period was closing, how do we see the word of God being a statute for ever? It is in christ Jesus, because He is the messenger of the Covenant for ever, He was our Eternal sacrifice and became our Everlasting High Priest and Saviour. Saviour.

I believe that on the day Jesus was Baptised by John the Baptist by the laying on of hands on Jesus' head, thus passing the sins of the world to Jesus' Head sginalled the passing away of the old Testament period and the beginning of the New Testament period of the Grace of God.This is the reason why God sent John the Baptist to be born into the division of Abijah, the descendants of Aaron.

In the gospel of Lk.1:5 it says "There was in the days of Herod, the King of Judea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the division of Abijah. His wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth." This passage tells us that Zacharias and Elizabeth were Aaron's descendants. Their son John the Baptist therefore was certainly inherited the office of the High priest according to the will of God. The important to note here and to believe is that this same John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ and passed the sins of the world unto our Lord Jesus. This moment in the Jordan river was the birth place and the beginning of the Gospel of the water and the Spirit. The gospel mystery of this faith began here. For those who are truly seeking to participate in the Kingdom of heaven should at this point throw away their man-made faith of the blood of Jesus only and humble themselves to receive this faith into the center of their hearts to become sinless in their hearts. John the Baptist who inherited the office of the High Priest was the representative of mankind who baptised Jesus. He fulfilled the office of the High priest of the old Testament. John the Baptist was was God's servant raised according to the providence of redemption in Jesus Christ. It was the will of God that He was born into the house of Aaron to fulfil the office of the last High priest of the old Testament on the earth. He therefore ministered as the High priest of all humankind, and prepared the way for the Lord to bring all peoples in this world who beleive His gospel of the faith of the water and the Spirit to God.We must examine the role of John the Baptist in depth, and be able to come a clear understanding the connection of his ministry with that of our Lord Jesus. Only in this way can come to believe in the ministry of Jesus Christ who came to save us fron all the sins of this world. Many so called beleivers only think of Jesus as the saviour of mankind, but when it comes to Elijah to come, who is mentioned in malachi chapter 4 in the old Testament are ctually being indiferent. It is absolutely necessary for christians all over the world to turn to the bible in humility to seek help from the Lord to receive understanding of the relationship between the ministry of the Lord and that of John the Baptist. If there were no connection between the ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist, there would be no need for us to be interested in his ministry anymore.However, there is a good reason for every christian to understand the ministery of John because it is intimately link to that of Jesus.

The truth and is very sad that those who claim to be christian in this en time have eradicated the sins in their hearts because they fail to understand that unless they undrstand the link between the ministry of Jesus and that of John are not able to believe in Jesus according to the scriptures and their sins are still intact in their hearts, spirits. Also they fail to understand that the death of Jesus on the cross after His baptism was for the remission of the lifetime sins mankind is comitting sins since the beginning of the New Testament age which began after the Baptism of Jesus. For this lack of understanding they are not able to beleive that the Lord washed away all the sins of mankind in the Baptism He received from John the Baptist. As the last High priest of the old Testament, John the Baptist fulfilled his ministry by baptising Jesus.

We shall look more deeply into Jhon's ministry in the next review.


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