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The Relationship Between The Ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2013-03-06     Views : 1112     touched : 285
I believe the WORD of God will not and never can change because the Lord siad " I am the Lord , I change not.", Mal.3:6. He is the Word of God and cannot change. In looking at this review, I realisze the main thing is getting to the truth that helps to see the wisdom of God in all that He does. There is nothing new under the sun, the things which God did with the people of Israel is exactly what He is doing now in the New Testament. However, but the difference now is that the promise of the Holy Spirit is available for all who believe and walk by the faith, the substance of the Baptism of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit, God.
The teaching here is that we must believe the works of God, Jesus Christ our Lord. This believe starts by the understanding of the purpose of the Father in sending John the Baptist to this world six months ahead of Jesus. We all remember that when God commissione Moses to build the Tabernacle He spent time to show him the Tabernacle and its construction, and emphsized it must be built exactly according as it was shown him. This order of God in doing all things I believe is in line with His righteousness and Holiness.

Therefore, to close this review, these are the things which has helped me to see the righteousness of God with respect to the Salvation of Man. The sonship of God is according to His righteousness. The teaching here is that we must believe in the Ministry of John the Baptised because it in line with the righteousness of God : Mark 1:1-2 tells us that he was sent as a messenger of God in the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way for our Lord before the beginning of the Lord's ministry. Also this messenger is also confirmed in Watt.11:10-11. The word of God also prophesied in Mal.3:1 about this messenger. In line with God's righteouss and holiness this messenger, John the Baptised was sent by God into the lineage of Aaron and priests of Israel. We also can see fron the book of 1Chronicles 24:1-19 how God multipleied the last two remaining Children of Aaron, Eleazar and Ithamar to produce descendants to the ministries of High Priests and priests to Zacharias and John the Baptist, the messenger of God to fulfil the Levitical ministry for the remission of sins in Jesus Christ our Lord who was sent as the righteous sacrifice for all who believe for the fulfilment of all of the old Testament for the mankind.

It is important to know and to believe that John the Baptist came in the way righteousness:Matt.11:1-14. one of the things that caught my attention here in this scripture is the word of God in Matt.11:13, " For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John." This is telling me that God was closing the old Testament period through his ministry, and in the righteousness of God, John was sent as the High priest and also the last one in Israel.Also in Matt.11:1-14, we understand that John was greater than all the prophets who were before him. Again let us understand the reason and the place of the high priest in the old Testament. We understand that he was there to represent the mankind, and offering the yearly sacrifice for the nation of Israel once a year when he would take the blood of atonement into the holy of holies once a year for the remmission of the sins of Israel. From this we can see that the relationship here between him and our Lord was to fulfil this law of God as seen in Lev.16:29-34. As Jesus was our sacrifice, then He would have to receive the sins of the world before his sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. We are now able to see the building blocks of the works of Jesus to fulfil our Salvation of the type given to Israel according to the Mercy and the righteousness of God so that the whole world has access to this grace by individual's volition, for our God would not force anyone against their will. It is beginning to be clear that it is not possible to believe the gospel of the Water and of the Spirit, the gospel of the righteousness of God without the understanding of the relationship between the ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist. ( The review continues ).


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