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The Relationship Between The Ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2013-03-11     Views : 1021     touched : 292
This is the truth so far in this series:1 We believe that John the Baptist was the messenger of God. 2 He came six months ahaead of Jesus. 3 He came through the descendants of Aaron. 4 we know this was the wisdom of God so that he could stand as the hight priest to pass the sin of the world to Jesus by the laying of hands, to fulfil the Levitical order for the remission of sin. The most important issue here is that we have seen held, and read all the Farher has said about John the Baptist. So what was the purpose of his mission according to the wisdom of God? This what we have to consider in greater depth to help us to consolidate our faith of the gospel of the water and of the Spirit. It is quite clear that those who have not understood this truth are finding it difficult to be grounded in the message of the Salvation of the Soul because they fail to see the link between the ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist.In Matt.17:1-13, we can see Jesus' answer to the question His disciples asked Him about Elias who was to come first i.e to restore all things. He told them " Elias has come already............". It was atr this point the disciples understood that Jesus was referring to John the Baptist. Why then do we say that Elias must first come to restore things? I believe it is implied that He came in the way of righteousness. I understand from this that Jesus and John the Baptist's ministries were indipensable to fulfil all the righteousness of God. This righteousness has been restored to all who belive the gospel of the water and of the Spirit. We can also check Matt.5:20 to see the condition of entering Heaven. The Lord has restored all believers of the gospel of the water and of the Spirit to righteousness in the inner man. As we saw the trasfiguration of Jesus according to Mat.17:1-13, this is the revelation of Jesus to believers of the gospel of the water and of the Spirit that we shall be like the Lord on that day of resurection and rapture of the Saints. What more proof would a believer require than to accept all that the Lord has shown us in the scripture of this abundant grace that cannot be bought with money. We have now seen that it was absoluteley indispensable for God to blot out the sin of the world with His baptism and to shed His blood for the lifetime remission of sins for believers of this grace, the faith of the righteousness of God. Therefore, believers of the gospel of the water and of the Spirit should not be ashamed of the gospel of the water and of the Spirit, because it is the power of God unto Salvation, which was first given to the Jews and the the gentiles. Matt.1:16-17.
Now we can see in Lk.1:17-23, and Lk.1:67-80 the beginning of God's dealing with the conception and the birth of John the Basptist. The bibble shows us that even Zacharias prophesied the redemption of mankind by Jesus and also and the prophesy of his son John the Baptist who was to go forth as the the prophet of the Highest to go forth to prepare the way before the Lord, this is to say that John the Baptist ould introduce Israel to the understanding of the message of Salvation;that is was to give knowledge to us about the remission of our sins. The remission of sins was not a temporary thing but was to to be for all the days of our lives so that we could serve God in holiness and in righteousness, and live forever without fear. Therefore, it is clear that the link here is that the Lord came togethet with the work of John the Baptist and has fulfilled the will of the Father to give us an ability to live holy and in righteousness through faith in the gospel of the water and of the Spirit.( to be continued)


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