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The Relationship Between The Ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2013-04-07     Views : 1080     touched : 313
It is time to conclude this series. I believe these are the points of this series:-
1 I wonder if believers have considered the truth that if John the Baptist was not sent, whether the work of Jesus to cleanse believers from sins would ever have begun? As we know all the works of God are done in righteousness, hence by the agreement of the Godhead, according to 1Jn.5:7-9. Since the Father had set the blueprint for our salvation, this in essence is in line with His righteousness and the knowledge of the His messenger, John the Baptist cannot be excluded from the plan of God. This is the reason why the series began by stating " You Must Know and Believe in the Ministry of John the Baptist." The Ministry of the New life Mission is truly blessed, that through the working of the Holy Spirit we have received these scriptures which has shown us for a truth that it was expedient for the Father to send us His Messenger, John the Baptist. You must go through these bible verses to discover for yourselves this truth:- Mark 1:1-2; Matt. 11:10-11; 1Chronicles 24: 1-19; Lev. 16:29-34; Luke.1:5; Mal. 4:5-6; Matt.3:15; Lev. 16:21; Heb.10:1; Isa.40:3; Matt.21:32 and Jn.1:6-7. All these scriptures show us the righteousness of God in all His works. For me it is clear from the word of God that the messenger of God had to come in conjunction with His Son Jesus Christ to fulfil all the righteousness of God. For this reason we must know and believe the Ministry of John the Baptist also. The church of Jesus Christ must therefore teach this to believers so that believers can walk with God by the correct faith and not blind faith, because our God is a God of purpose. By this we conclude that John the Baptist is a servant of God sent by the Father, and we cannot ignore his importance because his act and testimony of Jesus helps us to believe the gospel the water and the Spirit, the righteousness of God.

2 The gospel of Matt.11:1-14 is not to be regarded as depicting John the Baptist as a failure; rather it was the subtle way by which the holy spirit by the will of the Father could introduce John's disciples to Jesus. The reason being that the scripture has said " John must decrease and Christ to increase." We must realize that even Jesus testified " Assuredly, I say to you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist; but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he." This testimony of Jesus is not about someone who had doubts as to whether Jesus is the son of God. It was the working of the Father to enable John's disciples to follow Jesus. Remember the word of God in Isa.55:8-9? His ways are higher than ours. Check the following scriptures:-Matt. 11:1-14; Matt. 3:17; Jn.3:30; Jn.1:40; Isa.7:14; Isa.53:5Matt.3:2-3; Lk.4:28-30; Gal.3:27. In this scripture in Matt.11:1-14, we saw Jesus transfigured pointing to the way saints of God would be on the that day, something which the three disciples did not understand. Jesus said some wonderful things about John the Baptist in the way of testimony. In reality John the Baptist came by the will of the Father so that both could fulfil all the righteousness of God, which was accomplished in the baptism which Jesus received from John, thus passing the sins of the world to Jesus. This messenger of God came so that he could prepare the way for Jesus to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and vice versa. Our Lord is described in the scriptures as the Refiner's fire to purify the church of God, and there shall be no power in the whole this universe who could stand in the way of Him completing the task which the Fathers gave to Him. But we have realise that without the ministry of John the Baptist also, this task would not have been accomplished.

3 We who have come to believe the gospel of the water and the Spirit now know the reason why Jesus had to receive a baptism, to receive the sins of the world. We also know that he came through the lineage of Aaron the high priest, and that his father Zacharias prophesied that he was the prophet of the highest which confirms Jesus' testimony that he is greater than all men born of women. This therefore, confirms to believers that God had sent him as the last high priest of the old testament to work together with His son Jesus so that they could both fulfil their respective ministries.

We can therefore conclude that this was the wisdom of God to overcome the enemy of the gospel because God's ways are higher than our ways. We can see from the teaching which God has opened to the whole world through the New life Mission and such denomination who understand this gospel; there can be no other way of enabling the full understanding of the way of leading true believers to God without the understanding of the relationship between the ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist. We must therefore enjoy our fellowship with the Lord through the truth given to us in this series especially. We must also walk in obedience of God's word, in the faith of the righteousness of God. This is the only way to glorify God by coming to Him in righteousness. A-men.


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