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CHRISTIAN-JOSEPH AKSANTI MUSENGE    [email]   ( Rwanda ) 2013-07-28     Views : 1138     touched : 298
If the baptism of Jesus was not greater importance, then we must rewrite the Bible by removing in, the whole book of Leviticus, and Deuteronomy.

In the same way we must say that the priest and all the priests and Levitates descendants of Aaron, was a joke that God had created, but don't have nothing to do with our salvation.

I think the failure to consider the baptism of Jesus at the highest level as an act necessary for the justice of God is a way to do the same rebellion against God!

why I said; the Bible is very clear on this entire book of Leviticus speaks offerings remissions of sins, and so before offering a sacrifice, the priest would have nothing to do and all the priests descendants Aaron, then the offering is slaughtered by anyone without any ceremonial ritual of high priests!

but as no one could do this ceremony himself, it was an intermediate, anointed anointing, that is why God established the law of the remission of sins and descendants Aaron priests for salvation does not come from self- Similarly, but with the assistance of someone.

then as the Bible is reliable, being the word of God, received the Baptism of Jesus with john baptist, was certainly this ceremony, which was done the high priest for the remission of sins, and then Jesus was the Lamb of God went through the ritual instituted by God to take away the sins of the world.

john the baptist was it descendant Aaron? Zechariah his father said the day of his birth; he will be a priest of the Most High. (Luke 1), and Jesus declared him as the end of the prophets and the law (Matthew 11:13) and John the Baptist in turn, declared Jesus as the Lamb of God which Take away the sins of the world (John 1:29).

and therefore without taking the baptism of Jesus as very important for our salvation, then this is how the rebellion to the Word of God and God Himself, because believing in the blood of the cross alone is like performing the ceremony that was the priest done, by oneself! That is why the Ministry of john the baptist on earth is not something of random and its continuing importance because it is he who is our High Priest, and of the world.

I thank God for facilitating the creation of new life mission, to have inspired the reverend PAUL C.JONG to bring his righteousness to all humanity. All Christians books I already read, the series of PAUL C.JONG are not human thoughts but the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

God be praised forever.


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