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The Washing of the Disciples' feet: JN.13:1-11
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2013-08-19     Views : 1211     touched : 314
I have a very Small house fellowship group. The brethren found it very difficult to understand the message our Lord conveyed to the true church of God through the washing of the disciples feet.

I took time to meditate on the problem for some time, pondering as to why they found it difficult to see the revelation. Last week the Lord inspired me to use a demonstration to explain the emblems of faith involved in the mystery.

When I arrived at the fellowship I asked for a bowl of water, and a towel( Paper Towel) and something scarlet colour, I was given a red pencil.

I showed them the anyone who believes that Jesus is the son of God must believe that He came by water and Blood, (I showed them the word in 1JN.5:6) not water only but water and blood. I then pointed to the bowl of water and the red pencil for them to know that the water in the bowl was the water of His baptism ( 1 Pet.3:21) and that the red or scarlet was pointing to His death on the Cross. Then one member said " have not seen that before, I have been preaching the cross only for so many years". I responded " thank God you are able to see this now, many churches have been preaching the blood on the cross only."

Then I returned to the three artefacts, the bowl of water, the red pencil, and the paper towel and explained: the water in the bowl is the water of His Baptism, the bowel is the vessel, Our Lord Jesus, the Towel to wipe the disciples feet tells us the He has wiped away and perfectly cleansed us from all our actual sins. Also that the vessel, Jesus carried all the sins to the cross where He was crucified and died, was buried and rose from the dead and ascended into the heavens and He is sitting at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, and has become our perfect saviour. At this point I saw a beaming smile in all their faces. I went on to tell them that this revelation is the anchor of our faith in Jesus, the Grace of God. I went on to explain the washing of the feet is something we do every day, and that Jesus is telling us that this faith we have to remember and to confess it every day because we all sin every day because of our insufficiency and human weaknesses, because of the word of God in Rom.10:9-10, because here the scripture is showing us that we must place our faith in the major three works of Jesus, His Baptism ( washing of the sins of the world, His death and resurrection for the life-time remission of believers' sins committed due to our weaknesses.), and that Jesus is God, the Spirit.

Why did the Lord chose the feet of the disciples to demonstrate this faith. We have to wash our feet every day, less they smell and be offensive to others because of filth, here being regarded as sins for demonstration of spiritual things.

One member then asked me this question, " why did Jesus say, 'If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet.?' I explained that the Lord is telling us that if He our Lord and master has humbled Himself to take our sins and to die for our sins in order to forgive us our sins and make us righteous in the sight of God, we ought to forgive one another their sins. I then went on to explain that it was no use demonstrating an act of humility by literarily washing one another's feet as some denominations do without believing the fulfilment of all the righteousness of God by Jesus in His baptism according to Mtt.3:13-15.

The members could now clearly see that "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." They now appreciate the daily confession that believers have to make so that they do not draw back into perdition, but build their faith through the word. God is good and His Mercy endures for ever,


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