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Have You Truly Been Born Againof the Water & the Spirit
Evangelist Rabia Rehmat    [email]   ( Pakistan ) 2013-10-02     Views : 1086     touched : 323
Greetings my friends,I'm so blessed to read Paul.C.Jong book (Have You Truly Been Born Againof the Water & the Spirit)I would like to share my review with all my Co-workers of the New Life Misssion. First of all I came to know what is Sin? How beautifully define about sin it is to do something wrong it is a sin to disobey God's order. ( Mark 7:20-23). As Paul C.Jong told us in this book that each of su has our own idea of what sin is some consider it to be their shortcoming while others deem it to be based on distorted behaviour the most serious sin is to disregard the word of God. It is the same as not believing in His word who rejected God's commandments & put more importance on their own traditional teachings. After that i came to know that why God gave us the Law? To make us realize our sins & return to Him He gave us the 613 articles of hte law so that we could recognizeour sins& be redeemed through Jesus Christ. We need to admit our sins & ask God to save my life only those who accept God's words& admit that they were indeed sunners & I came to know that we become righteous by faith. Praise the Lord we are blessed by havingfaith in His blessings. God saves those who have faith in His words we must give up our own standards to be saved mostly in this world people going to hell because they don't know themselveswe can be redeemed when we believe that Jesus took away all our sins I wish I do good & live a good life in His word. God saved us when we accept the redemption of the water & the blood of Jesus in our hearts the love of Jesus, the Gospel of the water & the Spirithas won over the judgment of God. He has delivered us from all the sins of the worldour God is the God of justce& the God of lovethe love of the water & the Spirit is even greater than His judgment I came to know that it would be wrong & lawless to believe only in the cross of Jesus without believing in His Baptism. The complete faith leads us to true salvation in the faith in Jessu Christ who came by water & blood I'm really excited to being part of the New life Mission... Let us do the work of the father together to save the lost souls by preaching the Gospel of the water & the blood. I believe the true Gospel will shine all over the world. I believe there is no other book that preaches the Gospel of water & the blood clearly & faithfully than this book..God bless you Paul.C. Jong & the New Life Mission... Amen

Have a Glorious day.


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