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To Receive The Holy Spirit
Kenice Ejiogu    [email]   ( Nigeria ) 2013-10-09     Views : 1221     touched : 347
The fail-safe way for you to receive the holy Spirit, is a book for everyone to read. According to this, the holy Spirit is a promise of our heavenly father for those who believe in the gospel of water and the Spirit. The indwelling of the holy Spirit is not received on the basis of human endeavor.

Without the exact knowledge of the gospel of water and the Spirit. One wouldn't understand the deceptive schemes of Stan, pretending to be the holy Spirit. Through the word God, we can discern whether the spirit in us is the holy Spirit or the spirit of demons.

We should strive to gain better knowledge about John the baptist, who baptized Jesus to fulfill the beautiful gospel of water and the Spirit. Which was God's plan to save mankind from sin, in order to receive the promised holy Spirit.


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