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what did we believ to receiv the remissiomn of sins?
christopher chibale    [email]   ( Zambia ) 2014-05-17     Views : 1080     touched : 291
Absolute majority of christians have not been born again by the gospel of the water and the Spirit even as they believ in Jesus somehow.They are still trying to receive the Holy Spirit after a few and more years since they first believed in Jesus.But you must realise it is wrong to try to receive the remission of sin and the Holy Spirit separately after believing in Jesus.Trying to receive the Holy Spirit separately after believing in Jesus ,they climb up some mountains and pray,and all kinds of crazy things in church,crying and wailing.THESE ARE ALL SYMPTOMS OF THE DEMON-POSSESSED....People misunderstand the gospel of the water and Spirit,and just believe that Jesus has blotted out their sins only with the blood of the cross.what would have happened had Jesus died on the cross without first accepting all our sins passed onto him through his baptism?


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