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Jesus is my saviour!
Indra    [email]   ( Sri Lanka ) 2014-12-21     Views : 1078     touched : 294
I have read the two books written by Rev.Paul. C Jong titled Have you truly been born again of water and the spirit & When can a christian have an intimate conversation with the god. It was only after reading these books I realized the truth and learnt the correct gospel of the water and the spirit. How Jesus took away all the sins of this world and suffered for our sins and through his baptism and crucifixion is well mentioned and described in these books. This shows the great love of our God towards us and how he saved us from our sins who are born sinners. When life becomes hard it is only our faith in God can save us and his blessings will protect us from evil, so we the born again should do the will of the God and follow the correct path as the righteous to receive his eternal love and blessings. I am thankful to Rev.Paul. C Jong and all of the members of this wonderful ministry for delivering the gods message to the whole world for free of charge and for renewing my soul by beleiving in the gospel of the water and the spirit. I am truly born again.


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